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From: heroxbd@×××××.com
To: gentoo-alt@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-alt] Best Practice in Adopting New Ebuilds in Prefix
Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2011 01:36:28
Dear Guys and Girls,

As a user of Gentoo Prefix, I even do not have a working Gentoo-x86.

When there is a need to include a new ebuild(including version bump),
according to techdoc[1], I need to file a bug against Gentoo-x86 and
wait for the changes to propagate to Prefix.

However nowadays, we have the Gentoo overlays for testing new ebuilds in
Gentoo-x86 before included in the main portage tree.

Therefore, if I want something new in Prefix without maintaining my own
ad-hoc dirty hack overlay, I will have to submit a bug and wait for it
to be included in one of Gentoo overlay, wait for it to be well tested
and mature enough to go into main portage tree, and wait for it to be
syncronized into Prefix. That is too long a cycle.

Furthermore, if I want to test the ebuilds that are just included in the
Gentoo overlay, there is no straight forward way in Prefix. Layman in
Prefix is different from that in Gentoo-x86.

To be more specific, in bug 346933[2], finally Andrew Savchenko has
merged my patch into science overlay for Gentoo-x86. What is the
recommended and consistant way to test that out when I only have (dozens
of) Gentoo Prefix at hand?

BTW, the cycle of a bug request of keywording a certain ebuild is also
too long. At present I maintain an overlay for myself for about 100
ebuilds only for adding an arch keyword to use in Prefix.

Hope I can find a way out of those. Suggestion and ideas are very
appreciated for me to enjoy more of my life with Prefix.


XU Benda
Research Center for Neutrino Science
Tohoku University