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Subject: Re: [gentoo-amd64] Can't mount cdrom?
Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2005 03:36:20
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In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-amd64] Can't mount cdrom? by Peter Martin
<snipping madly>
found this and was reminded that i do not know the cd in question is master 
on the second ide controller
Your first task is to determine the device name. Refer to the chart below:

      IDE Port  Master/slave  Device
      1 master /dev/hda
      1 slave /dev/hdb
      2 master /dev/hdc
      2 slave /dev/hdd
      3 master /dev/hde
      3 slave /dev/hdf
      4 master /dev/hdg
      4 slave /dev/hdh

For the rest of this document, all examples will be /dev/hdc (master of 2nd 
IDE port). Modify these examples to fit your machine.

Unless the device itself works, no CDRW functions will work. So start by 
confirming that the device works. With no CD in the CDRW tray, and no mount 
of the CDRW, and the CDRW tray in the closed position, perform the following 

eject /dev/hdcIf the CDRW tray opens, the device works. Otherwise it 
doesn't. Troubleshooting includes making sure you really used the 
master/slave jumper setting you thought you did, and making sure power and 
IDE cable are correctly connected. You might try the command with /dev/hda 
through /dev/hdh just to make sure the CDRW isn't connected differently from 
what you thought >

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