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Subject: [gentoo-amd64] Re: About to install on a 64 bit system. Advice wanted.
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2010 08:08:55
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-amd64] About to install on a 64 bit system. Advice wanted. by Dale
1 Dale posted on Wed, 08 Dec 2010 23:32:29 -0600 as excerpted:
3 > I used lilo when I first started using Linux, Mandrake 9.1 days. When I
4 > started with Gentoo, I switched to grub. I can't even imagine being
5 > without grub. I know lilo has some strong points and is maintained but
6 > I still prefer grub. I also read that a new grub is in the pipe too.
7 > Supposed to be much better. That's the rumor anyway.
9 Grub is nice on local machines, due to the ability to use its interactive
10 shell. That can be quite useful when the config is screwed up for some
11 reason. On remote machines where the interactivity until booted is much
12 lower anyway, that doesn't matter so much (if at all) and lilo is as good,
13 possibly better.
15 As for grub2... yes, it's in the pipe... as it has been for /years/.
16 Unfortunately, they did the same thing kde did and pulled support for
17 their current stable version LONG before the new version was stable,
18 leaving users between a rock and a hard place. Fortunately, grub is far
19 smaller and less complex than all of kde, and distributions were able to
20 step in and pick up the slack (yeah, free software, try doing that with
21 servantware when the original company abandons it), continuing to both
22 keep it building with new toolchains, and add new features like support
23 for ext4, etc.
25 Unfortunately, last I knew, grub2 wasn't even officially on-disk-format-
26 stable yet, tho with ubuntu and etc already using it, it's getting more
27 difficult to change it, and they were /probably/ done with changes, but at
28 least last I knew, it wasn't official, yet.
30 FWIW, there's a (masked) grub-2 in the tree, that I've been thinking about
31 playing with at some point, but I've not gotten to it. When I eventually
32 do, I'll know quite a bit more about it, but grub1 (0.97-rX) has continued
33 to work fine for me, so no rush.
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