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From: "Michal Žeravík" <michalz@×××××××.com>
To: gentoo-amd64@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-amd64] error while emerging media-video/kmenc15-0.04
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 08:46:09
tucnak ~ # emerge media-video/kmenc15
Calculating dependencies ...done!
 >>> emerge (1 of 1) media-video/kmenc15-0.04 to /
 >>> md5 files   ;-) kmenc15-0.03.ebuild
 >>> md5 files   ;-) kmenc15-0.04.ebuild
 >>> md5 files   ;-) files/digest-kmenc15-0.03
 >>> md5 files   ;-) files/digest-kmenc15-0.04
 >>> md5 src_uri ;-) kmenc15-0.04.tar.bz2
 >>> Unpacking source...
 >>> Unpacking kmenc15-0.04.tar.bz2 to /var/tmp/portage/kmenc15-0.04/work
 >>> Source unpacked.
Finding Qt inlcude dir.. /usr/qt/3/include
Finding Qt Binaries dir.. /usr/qt/3/bin
Finding KDE inlcude dir.. /usr/kde/3.4/include
Finding KDE libraries dir.. /usr/kde/3.4/lib
Generating Depends...
/usr/qt/3/bin/uic -o wcon.h wcon.ui
/usr/qt/3/bin/moc -o process.moc process.h
/usr/qt/3/bin/moc -o wcon.moc wcon.h
/usr/qt/3/bin/uic -pch klocale.h -tr tr2i18n -impl wcon.h -o wcon.cpp 
patch -s --no-backup-if-mismatch < wcon.diff
g++ -I/usr/qt/3/include -I/usr/kde/3.4/include -MM main.cpp dialog.cpp 
wcon.cpp images.cpp process.cpp >> Makefile.dep
wcon.cpp:44:23: khtmlpart.h: No such file or directory
make[1]: *** [dep] Error 1
make: *** [Makefile.dep] Error 2

!!! ERROR: media-video/kmenc15-0.04 failed.
!!! Function src_compile, Line 17, Exitcode 2
!!! (no error message)
!!! If you need support, post the topmost build error, NOT this status 

locate khtmlpart.h finds nothing.

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