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From: Duncan <1i5t5.duncan@×××.net>
To: gentoo-amd64@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-amd64] Re: Root on Raid and LVM - Solved
Date: Tue, 01 Nov 2005 12:48:54
In Reply to: [gentoo-amd64] Re: Root on Raid and LVM - Solved by Edward Middleton
Edward Middleton posted <4366CA93.3020400@××××××××××××.jp>, excerpted
below,  on Tue, 01 Nov 2005 10:53:23 +0900:

> Going on what you said before the /etc/conf.d/rc variable should be set > to RC_VOLUME_ORDER="lvm" if you are using raidlvm. There is a bug in > the /lib/rcscripts/addons/ which assumes that mount returns > the symbolic link /dev/[volume group]/[logical partition] but it > actually returns the actual device /dev/mapper/[volume group]-[logical > partition]. The following path patch fixes this.
[patch snipped] Interesting, especially since I have lvm/dm merged in preparation for going RAID later this week. Thanks! You didn't mention what package that belonged to, or what version you have merged. However, I checked here and it looks as the patch says the original does, and here's what I have: $ equery b /lib/rcscripts/addons/ [ Searching for file(s) /lib/rcscripts/addons/ in *... ] sys-fs/lvm2-2.01.14 (/lib/rcscripts/addons/ So... that script is part of sys-fs/lvm2, version 2.01.14, here. $cat /p/sys-fs/lvm2/lvm2-2.01.14.ebuild|grep amd64 KEYWORDS="~alpha ~amd64 ~hppa ~mips ~ppc ~ppc64 ~sparc ~x86" So... that ebuild is keyworded ~amd64. What version are you running, stable (equery l -p says 2.01.09 is latest stable) or ~? Have you filed a bug on it with your patch included? Investigating a bit more... All versions in the tree install the same scripts, as found in sys-fs/lvm2/files. So, the bug would apply to all versions in the tree. Checking bugzilla... I didn't see anything there that looked like this bug, or filed by you (name or address), altho there were 118 bugs for lvm2 listed. It appears most aren't running into this bug, as the closest bugs I see relate to a missing xargs (xargs in /usr/bin, /usr on an lvm, so once it's unmounted at system shutdown, xargs can't be found, so the command using xargs in the shutdown script failed -- that set of bugs and dups fixed), yet the number of bugs suggests there's a fair number of users. However, this appears to depend on which /dev entry is listed in fstab to be mounted. Perhaps the handbook or some other Gentoo doc says to use the one, so everybody is, and nobody has run into this assumption busting situation yet. Anyway, I'd certainly recommend filing the bug. As for me personally, I'll keep this in mind, since I'll be working with it in the next few days. You may have saved me a quite a bit of going nuts over this, myself! =8^) -- Duncan - List replies preferred. No HTML msgs. "Every nonfree program has a lord, a master -- and if you use the program, he is your master." Richard Stallman in -- gentoo-amd64@g.o mailing list