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From: Duncan <1i5t5.duncan@×××.net>
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Subject: [gentoo-amd64] Re: Heads Up Kernel-3.11 Nvidia-drivers
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2013 04:35:30
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1 Mark Knecht posted on Wed, 04 Sep 2013 12:09:51 -0700 as excerpted:
3 > Amazingly, _both_ problems were solved. X came up nicely (on 2 monitors
4 > only) and login is immediate.
5 >
6 > I think for my needs I'll remove the unused card, live with 2
7 > monitors for now and consider how to proceed while maintaining a long
8 > term supported nature to the kernel and video drivers. I run 'mostly
9 > stable' so as long as long term kernels get security updates and I don't
10 > add new hardware to this 3 year old machine I think I'll be happy.
12 Currently, things really do seem to be moving toward the single-card/
13 multi-output solution, for multi-monitor, and they've been moving that
14 way for awhile, as multiple outputs on a single card become more common.
15 There's a lot of very nasty graphics coordination issues that simply
16 disappear when it's a single card driving everything.
18 At my last graphics update, a big one as it was part of a full system
19 update, finally moving from an old AGP bus mobo (on an 8-year-old system)
20 to modern PCIE, I was happy to find not just double-output, but triple-
21 output, was now reasonably common in a mainline card.
23 Couple that with the trends towards larger monitors and digital-TV
24 finally allowing the merge of TVs and monitors at larger sizes and
25 reasonable (TV) HD-resolutions (TV resolutions are reasonable for
26 monitors now too; for years they were simply too low), thus bringing down
27 "big-screen" TV/monitor prices into the "normal people's budget" realm,
28 and the now commonly available 40-inch-plus TV/monitor solutions really
29 do drive down the need for multiple monitors as well.
31 Stated elsewise, it's an unusual use-case indeed that really NEEDS more
32 than triple-monitor at 1920x1080 each, at 42-72 inches per monitor, and
33 that's now within reach of a reasonably mainline budget, on just a single
34 very solidly mainline single graphics card.
36 FWIW, I'm a bit physically size-constrained here and that's the effective
37 cap on total graphics real-estate available to me now. I'm running
38 triple monitor, two 42-inch full-HD 1920x1080 in stacked config for
39 1920x2160 as mains, with an old 21-inch full-HD logically stacked on top
40 of that for a 1920x3240 desktop, but the third one is physically located
41 to the side, displaying real-time system monitor information at double
42 the font size (actually triple, I think) since it's half the physical
43 size at the same resolution, thus still making it still readable with my
44 now aging (mid to late 40s, reading/computer glasses!) eyes.
46 I /think/ it was this list where that came up in a thread and I posted
47 screenshots, a few months ago.
49 But... with dual full-HD 42-inch-TV monitors as my mains, I really don't
50 /need/ the third one and only threw it into the mix when I realized I had
51 both a still unused output and an old monitor laying around from before
52 the upgrade to 42-inch. It's nice to have as it allows me to get the
53 real-time system monitor stuff entirely out of the normal working area
54 and off my main monitors while still keeping it visible at all times, but
55 that's it, nice-to-have, NOT don't-know-what-I'd-do-without-it.
57 OTOH, if I wasn't so space constrained and with a somewhat bigger budget
58 to work with, I'd probably have tried to find a 4-output card at a semi-
59 reasonable price-point, and would have gone with a 4 by 52-60-inch
60 monitors config in classic 2x2 layout. Or even a (still definitely *NOT*
61 mainline and thus *QUITE* expensive, AFAIK) 6-output setup and a classic
62 3x2 layout, all say 60-inch monitors, double-stacked, left/center/right.
64 But of course the 6X in 3x2 layout thing is entirely dreamland and would
65 take probably double my income level (at least) to put it in anything
66 like reasonable territory, as there's a lot of other things (including a
67 bigger house/room to put it in!) that would take priority before I got to
68 that. I'm really quite happy indeed with my current setup, tho I might
69 well upgrade that current 21-inch to a 32-inch at some point, about the
70 biggest I could fit where I have it, and if I upgrade to quad-output
71 graphics at some point, in theory I could add a second 32-inch beside
72 that before I'd really have my space maxed out, but at this point I
73 really can't say what I'd actually use it for.
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