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From: Simon Stelling <blubb@g.o>
To: gentoo-amd64@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-amd64] Gentoo/AMD64 Project Status Report
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 16:02:16
Hello all,

This is a text-only version of the Gentoo/AMD64 Project Status Report, which is 
also accessible here:

Gentoo/AMD64 Project Status Report

This is the status of the Gentoo/AMD64 Project. It will be posted regularly, but 
not with a static frequency. All questions can be posted to amd64@g.o.

This status report is mainly concerned about the progress made between Jan 1, 
2005 and Dec 31, 2005.

Status Report in Figures

* 1'486 bugs assigned to amd64@g.o [1] and amd64-test@g.o [2] were 
* The Gentoo/AMD64 team [3] has grown from 9 developers to 32 developers. Also, 
we have our own arch testers team [4] which counts 16 active volunteers.
* Two full releases and one media refresh release were made.

Release Engineering

In March 2005, a major step towards true multilib support was made when 
releasing 2005.0. Starting from this release, the `multilib` USE flag, mainly 
used by the toolchain packages, was deprecated and instead, subprofiles should 
be used to control the behaviour regarding multilib-support.
As a consequence of this change, the `sys-libs/glibc` package now builds 
natively both 64bit and 32bit version and the precompiled 
`app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-glibc` package is no longer needed.
The change also enabled a far easier way to track dependencies for 32bit 
packages through `multilib.eclass` that was written.
With 2005.0 and the profile change, a new feature called `multilib-strict` was 
introduced. It is a QA tool to assure that all packages install their libraries 
into the correct directories, which is essential for multilib systems.
To make the complicated upgrade process easier for users, automated scripts and 
detailed documentation were provided.

In August 2005, Gentoo 2005.1 was released. New stages and CDs were made and the 
default USE flags were reviewed and cut down to a minimum.

In November, a media refresh release called 2005.1-r1 was made. It was mainly a 
bugfix release to fix a few bugs in the stages and CDs, the 2005.1 profile was kept.


As AMD64 processors became a lot cheaper, its popularity grew enormously. Thanks 
to the stable-profile- and AT-project we could ensure that the AMD64 stable 
profile was always up to date and almost as recent as the x86 one.


The documentation subproject has written multiple new documents:

* The Gentoo/AMD64 FAQ [5]
* The 2005.0 Upgrade Guide [6]
* Howto file bugs [7]
* 32bit Chroot Guide for Gentoo/AMD64 [8]
* The Gentoo/AMD64 Testing Docs [9]
* Arch Specific Notes -- AMD64/EM64T [10]

Since these documents cover almost all aspects of a amd64 system, the old 
technotes [11] could be deprecated.

Further, a list [12] was put together to document the emulation packages, mainly 
to assure that vulnerabilities also get fixed in the pre-compiled 
`emul-linux-x86-*` packages.

Gentoo/AMD64 Arch Testers

The Gentoo/AMD64 Arch Testers subproject was founded to recruit more developers 
and power-users which could help to reduce the workload significantly. The idea 
turned out to be a great success: Over 25 ATs [4] were recruited of which 6 
became developers. To make the testing and keywording even more efficient, GLEP 
41 [13] was brought up.


We got multiple boxes donated by AMD, which are now mainly used to offer shell 
accounts to other Gentoo developers that want to test their patches before 
committing them. They're also used as distcc nodes to speed up the release 
engineering tasks.

[1] mailto:amd64@g.o
[2] mailto:amd64-test@g.o

Simon Stelling
Gentoo/AMD64 Operational Co-Lead
gentoo-amd64@g.o mailing list