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Subject: [gentoo-amd64] Re: .local/share/Trash/
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 16:54:03
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In Reply to: [gentoo-amd64] .local/share/Trash/ by Mark Haney
1 "Mark Haney" <mhaney@××××××××××××.org> posted
2 44F5943D.20304@××××××××××××.org, excerpted below, on Wed, 30 Aug 2006
3 09:35:57 -0400:
5 > I have been wondering why my hard drive was pushing 90% full on my
6 > laptop. I maintain my system pretty well and knew I didn't have 60GB of
7 > data on this system. When I finally got around to doing a du, I found a
8 > folder '.local/share/Trash/' that had tons of files that I thought I had
9 > deleted. I empty my Trash pretty regularly on my system, yet these
10 > weren't being deleted. Any idea why?
11 >
12 > BTW, a manual removal of those files freed up over half my drive space.
14 That would depend on what desktop you are running, as both GNOME and KDE
15 simply move files to the trash by default, but exact implementations
16 differ. What other environments (well, beyond MSWormOS 98 anyway) may do,
17 I haven't a clue.
19 <rant mode=true>
21 Over the years, I've developed an intense dislike for the trash concept --
22 I hate it with a passion! Confirming a delete before actually doing it is
23 one thing, but when I say yes, I actually want the thing DELETED, *NOT*
24 still taking up space on the drive!
26 In the decade and a half that I've been working on my computer several
27 hours a day, I've only wished to recover something I deleted twice. Once
28 was early on and dumb as it was a vital doublespace compression config
29 file that /shouldn't/ have been still necessary as I'd upgraded to
30 drivespace, but it was. I learned my lesson tho and after that, if in
31 doubt, I rename it to something like originalname.remove, then test and
32 do the actual remove only if the thing isn't actually needed. The second
33 time, I had a backup, tho it was a bit dated and I had to redo the
34 (minor) lost changes. I do /very/ occasionally deliberately use the trash,
35 when I'm testing removal of something I'd otherwise rename, but with the
36 trash there, I just delete it, then restore it if the test shows it's
37 still needed. However, that making convenient use of a feature I otherwise
38 spend far more time avoiding than I save with the occasional use,
39 certainly doesn't justify the trouble it is.
41 Therefore, I always make it a point NOT to use the to-trash mis-feature.
42 I've no idea if it's configurable in GNOME, but in KDE, I remap my keys so
43 delete actually maps to the delete function, not
44 move-to-some-obscure-place-where-it'll-continue-to-take-up-space-and-
45 -cause-me-grief. Likewise, while they've taken to hiding the delete
46 option in the context menu by default of late, it didn't take me long
47 after the upgrade that added that mis-feature to find the option to unhide
48 it again.
50 As for the trash folder itself, I wanted something like /dev/null to point
51 it at, so the effect would be a deletion anyway, but /dev/null/ is a
52 chardev not a blockdev so that doesn't work. Instead, I pointed it to
53 someplace in /tmp. Now I have /tmp on tmpfs so it's always clean on
54 reboot at least, but previous to my last memory upgrade (to 8 gig, so a
55 tmpfs /tmp makes sense), I set something in /etc/conf.d/local to clean out
56 most of the stuff in /tmp, including the stuff that had trashed, if any.
57 (There seldom was any, as if I saw the confirm dialog said trash not
58 delete without recovery, I'd cancel and delete the thing right, but on
59 principle.)
61 On the desktop, I don't like the junk (including the trash icon) placed
62 there by default either, so the first thing I do is delete it, or where
63 updates continually put it back (happened on Mandrake, I moved my KDE
64 config from there over to Gentoo, so had the solution in place and don't
65 know if it happens here), I configure the desktop at say ~/dt/ instead of
66 the default ~/Desktop/, which I then ignore and leave to the updates to
67 screw with.
69 </rant>
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