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From: Kyle Liddell <kyle@××××××××××××××××.net>
To: gentoo-amd64@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-amd64] Re: problems with gmp and portage
Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2006 04:32:59
Message-Id: 20060706042949.GA24867@athlon.localdomain
In Reply to: [gentoo-amd64] Re: problems with gmp and portage by Duncan <>
1 On Wed, Jul 05, 2006 at 05:04:00PM +0000, Duncan wrote:
2 > Have you run recently? I'm asking because I see the
3 >
4 I always forget to run that, but I did, and still no gmp.
6 > Also, revdep-rebuild. Have you run it recently? (Run it with -p first,
7 Yep. No help.
9 > of course.) What about emerge --depclean (again, with -p first)?
10 Nothing looked like it was related in any way.
12 > Do you routinely run your emerge --update with the --deep (-D) switch?
13 Always.
15 > How much of your system has been recompiled with gcc-4.1.x?
16 Umm...not much. If I could ever get gmp compiled, then I could get around to compiling a good chunk of the rest...
18 However, I have built/rebuilt/rebuilt again gcc, glibc, and binutils with gcc 4.1.1.
20 > of my system that's still compiled with gcc-3.4.x. If you haven't done an
21 > emerge --emptytree world since gcc-4.1.1 was unmasked and weren't running
22 > the masked 4.x versions as I was, perhaps that's the difference between it
23 > working fine here and not there?
24 >
26 Ick, that's (almost) the same as a reinstall...but I think I will end up doing that.
28 > Another possible difference... I run very little 32-bit at all, and in
29 > fact have considered switching to the no-multilib profiles. (About the
30 ...
31 > out of the way to somewhere the compile can't find them, and see if the
32 > problem "magically" disappears. It's worth a shot, anyway.
34 And oh yeah, I tried emerge'ing with -sandbox. Same deal.
36 About all I have 32bit-wise is enough to get a flash plugin for firefox-bin. I have thought that multilib was a bit messy though, and I might try dumping it since most of my 32bit stuff only works in a chroot'd system (ISE, wine, etc). But as for this exact problem, I don't really see anything that is safe to delete/move/hide that is definitely 32bit only that could be making problems.
38 > The system cleanliness thing is a good thing to check anyway, even if it
39 > doesn't fix this particular issue, so that's good to try first. The
40 ...
41 > configure input, that could be the culprit. In fact, I've seen it happen
42 > more than once in my own troubleshooting, so be sure and check that.
43 >
44 Building by hand works.
46 > Are you familiar with the ebuild command? If not, man ebuild and bone up
47 > on the various stages (fetch/unpack/compile/install/qmerge, in that order)
48 ...
49 > configure and make manually but without the ebuild switches. Also note
50 > the "elibtoolize" at the end of the unpack step. Perhaps that's the issue.
51 >
52 Doing it in stages with ebuild fails during compile at the same place. However, I can do ebuild unpack, and then run configure the same way as ebuild does, and then run make by hand and it also works.
54 I suppose it'd be good to get everything compiled/broken with gcc 4.1.1, so I'm just going to give up and start an emerge -ep world tonight and see what happens...
56 Thanks for the help though.
58 Kyle
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