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Subject: Re: [gentoo-amd64] Re: OFF-TOPIC but ... you will lough !!!
Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2005 12:06:18
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-amd64] Re: OFF-TOPIC but ... you will lough !!! by Paul de Vrieze
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Paul de Vrieze wrote:
> > The worst part of it is that I believe that there are methods that will > allow you to make a file with such an illegal name (the API is not > consistent). Of course the file then becomes hard to use or delete ;-). >
Granted, you can create files called "-rf" in unix and have real fun when deleting things. :) The interface is consistent, but perhaps not always completely obvious. I've run into filenames that look like cmd-line-options from time to time - they tend to get created from typos. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.1 (GNU/Linux) Comment: Using GnuPG with Thunderbird - iD8DBQFDa05Og2bN8aFizRkRAtqMAJ47joXdoLH8xmN5vNfiSbzPa1SY4wCdGphg QP2hab5t+CkrpoE0gZcoaWE= =IBh2 -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----


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