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From: Benny Pedersen <me@××××.org>
To: gentoo-amd64@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-amd64] Re: hp proliant 585 cciss grub problems and solving
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2010 16:03:05
In Reply to: [gentoo-amd64] Re: hp proliant 585 cciss grub problems and solving by Duncan <>
1 On ons 22 sep 2010 09:13:21 CEST, Duncan wrote
2 > Benny Pedersen posted on Wed, 22 Sep 2010 03:30:35 +0200 as excerpted:
3 >> with 2.6.35 there is problem to load firmware to tg3 ethernet, it works
4 >> in 2.6.34
5 > As I run direct Linus-tree git (tho I'm a couple rcs behind ATM), even
6 > 2.6.35 is somewhat back in history for me. But IIRC, somewhere in there
8 thanks for all info, i have got 2.6.35-r12 working now, it was just
9 the oldest dhcpcd client that was my problem
11 next for me is to get iscsi into initramfs
13 i have "hacked" open-iscsi to get my promise-vtrak 15200 to work just
14 fine, its just not setup correct since disks is not fsck checked, have
15 try to finde info on all that parts of iscsi still not found what is
16 need if doing it from genkernel, and there is another chickken and egg
17 problem for me, how can i make eth1 up from initramfs to be used to
18 iscsi so udev will mount the targets (starttargets)
20 dhcpcd 5.2.8 stable now so others might not have this problem with
21 kernels anymore
23 again thanks Duncan your help is great to have here
25 --
26 xpoint