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From: "Kevin F. Quinn" <kevquinn@g.o>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-amd64] Re: Re: initio seen, mt -f doesn't work
Date: Thu, 08 Dec 2005 15:48:50
In Reply to: [gentoo-amd64] Re: Re: initio seen, mt -f doesn't work by Duncan <>
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On Thu, 08 Dec 2005 08:13:52 -0700
Duncan <1i5t5.duncan@×××.net> wrote:

> Gavin Seddon posted <1134053851.11094.7.camel@linuxstation>, excerpted > below, on Thu, 08 Dec 2005 14:57:31 +0000: > > >>> But when I use mt I get > >>> ' mt -f /dev/st0 eject > >>> /dev/st0: No such device or address' > > > Yes /dev/st0 is there. How should I start the device, as far as I > > remember I built all scsi modules into the kernel. Gavin. > > If you have a /dev/st0, the next question is why that error message > says you don't. It's likely a permissions thing. I don't have a > tape backup machine, so I don't know much about the command set or > how it is run, but can you run it as root? Does the error change?
I think permissions are the most likely problem; that'd cause mt to be unable to open the device - many utilities don't differentiate between being unable to open something and that something not existing. Gavin; default Gentoo udev rules set the group of st devices to 'tape' (see /etc/udev/rules.d/50-udev.rules' so add your user id to the tape group. - -- Kevin F. Quinn -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.2 (GNU/Linux) iD8DBQFDmFar9G2S8dekcG0RAlGBAKCxq+NPW63+YKEFgWNno6UjeGhVVwCg6KpB H/jIFOWdhX4VaFz0sBlTYa0= =oMt9 -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- -- gentoo-amd64@g.o mailing list