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From: Richard Fish <bigfish@××××××××××.org>
To: gentoo-amd64@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-amd64] Best plan for cross compiling for i686
Date: Sat, 05 Aug 2006 21:10:14
1 I have an AMD64 desktop/server system (amd64 arch) that I would like
2 to use for cross-compiling packages for my i686 laptop. The problem
3 isn't that my laptop is slow, just that I use it for real work, and
4 pretend work, so I would like to reduce the amount of time and risk
5 involved in keeping it up to date.
7 So far I have tried two methods:
9 1. crossdev. This method works for compiling some packages with:
11 ROOT=/mnt/path PORTAGE_CONFIGROOT=/mnt/path emerge <pkg>
13 But it doesn't work for deep world updates (emerge -DNuv world), as
14 portage ends up using the make.conf from the host, not target. I also
15 have some problems with portage using the hosts package database.
17 Even when building specific packages, there seem to be many packages
18 that fail to link, or run things like freetype-config or kde-config to
19 determine paths for libraries and include files and the like, and that
20 doesn't work right when cross-compiling.
22 2. chroot. I created a chroot environment by copying the actual / and
23 /var filesystems from my laptop, so I could use the actual 32-bit
24 toolchain and package database for my laptop. This works better, as I
25 can at least start deep world updates, and I don't have the link or
26 *-config issues with the crossdev method. The big problem here is
27 packages that use uname or /bin/arch commands to determine the
28 architecture. Since the kerrnel the chroot is running on is still for
29 the amd64 arch, these packages get the idea that they can compile
30 64-bit code, which of course fails miserably with a 32-bit compiler.
32 My current options for making this really are to either setup a
33 virtual machine with something like vmware-server, so that I actually
34 boot the i686 kernel. I would probably try to use an nfs-root for
35 this. Or I can convert my box to an x86 profile, which should also
36 fix my problems with chroot environment. But of course I would lose
37 any ability to play around with the 64-bit stuff, and the ability to
38 file bugs against the packages that (wrongly) look at uname/arch
39 output.
41 So does anybody have an AMD64-to-i686 cross-compiling environment that
42 they are happy with?
44 -Richard
45 --
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