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From: Christian Hoffmann <hoffie@g.o>
To: gentoo-announce@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-announce] Upcoming masking of dev-lang/php-4* and packages depending on it
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 22:26:31
1 We, the Gentoo PHP team, are going to mask =dev-lang/php-4* [0] and all
2 packages explicitly depending on this version of php around October
3 18th (i.e. the whole dev-php4/ category (36 packages) and
4 www-apps/knowledgetree, unless there is a php5-compatible version by
5 the time of masking; bug 194894 [1]). This step is necessary as
6 there is hardly any upstream activity anymore.
8 The last official version of php-4 (4.4.7) dates back to May 3rd and is
9 in the same state as php-5.2.2 security-wise (and we all know how many
10 issues php-5 has had in the past, just have a look at the recently
11 published GLSA 200710-02 [2]).
13 All those security problems, which were fixed in the 5.2 branch,
14 possibly apply to the 4.4 branch as well, yet there are no (backported)
15 fixes in upstream CVS and there is no sign of an upcoming release
16 either.
17 This means, if we were to continue php-4 support we would have to do
18 the upstream work and compile a list of issues + patches. Upstream
19 developers seem to see it the same way -- "if you really want to get it
20 done - do it" was one reply when I asked what's up with php-4. No one
21 from our PHP team has the time and motivation to do that work, and as
22 such we are going to mask it (unless someone volunteers to do the work
23 and/or upstream becomes active again).
25 We will still keep php-4 (and all related packages) in the tree until at
26 least the end of the year (this is the date where official upstream
27 "support" ends) and bump it if (and not "when"...) there are any
28 releases.
30 We advise all users of php-4 to upgrade to php-5 as soon as possible,
31 although it may break really old PHP scripts which rely on
32 php-4 specific behaviour. Please see the upstream documentation
33 [3][4][5] for any advice on how to migrate your scripts.
35 [0]
36 [1]
37 [2]
38 [3]
39 [4]
40 [5]
42 --
43 Christian Hoffmann
44 Gentoo PHP herd


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