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From: Daniel Robbins <drobbins@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-announce] Gentoo Linux 1.0_rc6-r14 Released
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001 14:04:08
1 Hi All!
3 In celebration of the holidays, we're proud to announce a new release of Gentoo
4 Linux -- Gentoo Linux 1.0_rc6-r14. With this release comes a huge number of
5 improvements to almost every aspect of Gentoo Linux, including kernel, core
6 system, ports tree and even our installation CD. Gentoo Linux is now most
7 certainly ready to tackle the most challenging computing tasks Here's an
8 overview of all the new goodies you'll find in 1.0_rc6-r14:
10 In the kernel:
12 2.4.16 with preemption and lock-break (low-latency) support, resulting in
13 improved interactive response. Full support for XFS, ext3, ReiserFS, and
14 LVM. The very latest NVIDIA drivers have been fully tested and integrated
15 into this release of Gentoo Linux.
17 In the compiler toolchain:
19 Binutils has been upgraded to, which resolves some kernel
20 stability issues when an "Athlon/Duron/K7" or "Pentium III" or higher CPU
21 type is chosen during kernel configuration.
23 In the core system:
25 The recent glibc-2.2.4 filename globbing vulnerability has been fixed. In
26 addition, this release includes enhanced dependency-based initscripts, and
27 many standard Linux binaries have been upgraded to their most recent
28 versions.
30 In Portage (our ports tree):
32 Portage now supports safe in-place library upgrades. It's now possible to
33 upgrade glibc safely, even on a busy system. Yes, this means you can be in
34 X, running GNOME and playing music with xmms, and a glibc upgrade will not
35 interfere with any running application. Also, we now have over 1100
36 up-to-date ports-based packages.
38 On our installation CD:
40 Our installation CD has been massively reworked, and is now compatible with
41 much more hardware. Our CD now boots to kernel 2.4.16-SMP and fully
42 supports installation to ext2, ext3, ReiserFS, XFS, software RAID and LVM
43 volumes. We also support direct installation to IDE RAID controllers.
44 ssh, scp and wget included on the CD so you can be productive (or just
45 hang out on irc) while the system builds.
47 Wanna try it out? To learn more about Gentoo Linux, head over to
48, or head straight to
49 for installation instructions.
51 About Gentoo Linux
53 Gentoo Linux is a versatile and fast, completely free x86-based Linux
54 distribution geared towards developers and network professionals. Unlike other
55 distros, it has an advanced package management system called Portage. Portage
56 is a true ports system in the tradition of BSD ports, but is Python-based and
57 sports a number of advanced features including dependencies, fine-grained
58 package management, "fake" (OpenBSD-style) installs, safe unmerging, system
59 profiles, virtual packages, config file management, and more.
61 --
62 Daniel Robbins <drobbins@g.o>
63 Chief Architect/President
64 Gentoo Technologies, Inc.