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Subject: [gentoo-announce] New Gentoo Linux/Portage Releases
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 21:15:06
Hi everyone,

There have been several new developments in the Gentoo Linux front.  First,
there is now a new version of Portage available, version 1.6.11.  This version
supports conditional downloads based on USE variables, by using the following
syntax in SRC_URI:

SRC_URI=" openssl?"

We also now have a new Gentoo Linux 1.0_rc6 release -- revision 10.  The ISO
releases have been renamed so that they're "in-sync" with the .tbz2 releases to
ease confusion (what was going to be -r13.iso is now -r10.iso).

This new Gentoo Linux release includes:

	* extensive improvements to the system initialization scripts
	* kernel 2.4.10 with preempt, low-latency, ext3, LVM and ACPI patches applied
	* an ISO with pcmcia-cs commands and modules included

You can grab the latest -r10 .tbz2 and .iso files at:

The latest, updated install instructions are available at:

Thanks to all developers and contributors for making this the best version of
Gentoo Linux yet, and enjoy!

Best Regards,

Daniel Robbins					<drobbins@g.o>
Chief Architect/President 
Gentoo Technologies, Inc.