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Subject: mailing list transition
Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2002 18:17:07
1 Hi All,
3 has transitioned to a new mail and mailing list system. Please read
4 on for more information.
6 Essential information for all users:
7 ====================================
9 * Mailing lists have been moved from mailman to ezmlm-idx
10 * Our new mailing lists don't have [gentoo-foo] headers
11 * You are subscribed to all your old lists (non-digest mode, see later)
13 * Ezmlm-idx does not use passwords; you talk to it via email
14 * Our old archives *have been preserved and transitioned to the new system :)*
15 * Mail archives ( will be back up in a few days
17 * gentooppc-dev@g.o is now gentoo-ppc-dev@g.o
18 * gentooppc-user@g.o is now gentoo-ppc-user@g.o
20 About the new system (why/what):
21 ================================
23 Our current mail (and everything else) server is being retired. For this
24 reason, it was necessary to transition to a new server. The longer we waited,
25 the more one of our developers (kabau) had to pay in bandwidth fees, so the
26 move had to happen quickly.
28 The new mail system uses qmail and ezmlm-idx, which were chosen for their
29 ruggedness, simplicity and low overhead. There are other good choices (postfix
30 and exim come to mind) out there, but qmail and ezmlm-idx suited our needs
31 quite well.
33 The new mail system will be able to provide higher message sending bandwidth
34 and concurrency and should result in better mail performance for all users.
36 How to get funky with ezmlm-idx:
37 ================================
39 Q: I like to read. Is there an ezmlm user manual?
41 A: Yes. See
43 Q: How do I subscribe to a list?
45 A: Send an email to (can be empty):
46 listname-subscribe@g.o
48 Q: I was subscribed in digest mode, and now I'm in "normal" mode for my
49 "gentoo-foo" list! What do I do?
51 A: First, unsubscribe from the "gentoo-foo" list and then re-subscribe to
52 "gentoo-foo-digest". This can be done by sending two emails to the following
53 email addresses (they can be empty):
54 gentoo-foo-unsubscribe@g.o
55 gentoo-foo-digest-subscribe@g.o
56 Voila! You're now in digest mode!
58 Q: My mailman account was marked "dormant" (ie. off,) but ezmlm has me
59 activated and I'm receiving mail, which I don't want. What should I do?
61 A: Best approach is to simply unsubscribe from the list:
62 listname-unsubscribe@g.o
63 Then, when you want to receive mail again, subscribe to the list:
64 listname-subscribe@g.o
66 Q: All the lists are subscriber-only. How to I enable an alias so that I can
67 post to the list from an alternate email account?
69 Ezmlm-idx supports this feature. See:
72 Q: shows the main Gentoo Linux site.
74 A: I know. will show are new list archive system when
75 it is ready.
77 Q: The mailing list emails don't have "[gentoo-foo]" headers in the subject
78 line! How do I filter my emails into the correct folder?
80 A: Try this procmail recipe (thanks to Tom Veldhouse):
81 :0
82 * ^List-Post:.*gentoo-user@g.o.*
83 .maildir/.Linux.Gentoo.User/
85 If you are using a mail client that can't filter on non-standard fields, then
86 match "listname@g.o" in the To: or CC: fields.
88 --
89 Daniel Robbins <drobbins@g.o>
90 Chief Architect/President
91 Gentoo Technologies, Inc.
93 --
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