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From: Thilo Bangert <bangert@g.o>
To: gentoo-announce@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-announce] New Category: net-p2p
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 08:52:51
As some of you may already have noticed, a new category has been added 
to our portage tree: net-p2p.

If you are a user of the following p2p ebuilds, please read through this 

   net-misc/agqt               (AudioGalaxy)
   net-misc/dc-gui             (Direct Connect)
   net-misc/dctc               (Direct Connect)
   net-misc/fags               (AudioGalaxy)
   net-misc/fidelio            (HotLine)
   net-misc/freenet            (Freenet)
   net-misc/gift               (OpenFT)
   net-misc/giftcurs           (OpenFT)
   net-misc/gnut               (Gnutella)
   net-misc/gtk-gnutella       (Gnutella)
   net-misc/gtkhx              (HotLine)
   net-misc/kift               (OpenFT)
   net-misc/mutella            (Gnutella)
   net-misc/openag             (AudioGalaxy)
   net-misc/qtella             (Gnutella)
   net-misc/xsat               (AudioGalaxy)
   media-sound/gnapster        (Napster)
   media-sound/lopster         (Napster)
   media-sound/nap             (Napster)
   media-sound/teknap          (Napster)

All these packages have been moved to the new category and will be 
removed from the old one sometime this week.

To upgrade follow these easy steps:

  # emerge sync --clean

     to get the latest portage tree. The --clean option will ensure that
     stale ebuilds are being removed from your local tree.

   # emerge --pretend unmerge <your_p2p_app>

     Without the --pretend option, this will remove your p2p app.

   # emerge --pretend net-p2p/<your_p2p_app>

      And this will remerge the correct version.

As all future releases of these applications will be made in the new 
category this upgrade is recommended.

Happy filesharing.
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