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From: Geert Bevin <gbevin@×××××××.be>
To: gentoo-announce@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-announce] NEW: seperate ChangeLog file for each portage package
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2002 18:57:26
Hello everyone,

as you probably noticed, recently all portage package directories have a
new 'ChangeLog' file. This file is supposed to be actively maintained by
every ebuild author. If you notice that the file isn't up-to-date,
notify the author nicely ;-). The ChangeLog contains information about
what has been changed to the package for the user. This makes it easy to
determine if the changes are important enough to compile and merge a new
version of a package.

For ebuild authors:

Remember that this changelog is targetted to users. This means that the
comments should be well explained and written in clean English. 
Every new version or revision of the package has to be marked by a '*'
seperator line. Changements since the last revision have to be added to
the top of the file, underneath the initial copyright and cvs header
This means that you start with header line that has the following

    date; your_name <your_email> changed_file1, changed_file2 :
Below that line your explanation should follow. It has to be indented,
paragraphed and wrapped at a linewidth of 80 characters.
Any details about what exactly changed in the code should be added as a
message when the changes are committed to cvs, not to the ChangeLog

If you have to create a ChangeLog file for a new package, you can take
the skel.ChangeLog file to start off with.

Best regards,

Geert Bevin

Geert Bevin
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