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To: gentoo-dev
Subject: [gentoo-announce] Portage 1.6.7 released
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2001 00:48:09
Hi All, 

A new version of Portage (1.6.7) is now on CVS.  Here's the ChangeLog:

Portage 1.6.7, released 05 Sep 2001

	(last-minute fix)
	CONFIG_PROTECT unmerge protection is now observed for symlinks, fifos and
	device nodes.
	Fixes for unmerging CONFIG_PROTECTed files.  Protected files are now *not*
	unlinked from the filesystem.  Messier but safer, and simplifies package

	Emerge output cleanups for GNU info directory generation.  New --verbose
	mode; new CONFIG_PROTECT scanning feature to let people know when there are
	config files to be updated.  New "--help config" docs to explain how to
	do it.

Portage 1.6.6, released 01 Sep 2001

	Upgraded directory merging over existing objects.  Existing symlinks that
	point to existing directories will be kept and used as is; directories will
	be used as-is; any other objects (broken symlinks, files) will be copied
	to origfilename.backup and a ne directory will be created in its place.

Portage 1.6.5, released 31 Aug 2001
	Fixes for handling multiple ebuilds, packages and/or dependencies on
	the command-line.

	An optimization to the digraph class so that the firstzero() method finds
	matches in close to the order that keys were added to the digraph.

Daniel Robbins					<drobbins@g.o>
Chief Architect/President 
Gentoo Technologies, Inc.