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Subject: [gentoo-commits] proj/kde:master commit in: Documentation/maintainers/
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2016 20:40:02
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2 Author: Johannes Huber <johu <AT> gentoo <DOT> org>
3 AuthorDate: Thu Jun 30 20:37:53 2016 +0000
4 Commit: Johannes Huber <johu <AT> gentoo <DOT> org>
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8 Documentation: Drop ancient forum posts file
10 Documentation/maintainers/forum-post.txt | 148 -------------------------------
11 1 file changed, 148 deletions(-)
13 diff --git a/Documentation/maintainers/forum-post.txt b/Documentation/maintainers/forum-post.txt
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15 index 66f5297..0000000
16 --- a/Documentation/maintainers/forum-post.txt
17 +++ /dev/null
18 @@ -1,148 +0,0 @@
19 -This is the official guide for KDE 4 related threads.
20 -
21 -KDE 4 for Gentoo is delivered in several ways:
22 -[list]
23 -[*][b][url=]Portage repository[/url][/b]
24 -The only officially supported and recommended way to get
25 -[url=]KDE4 (4.4.4 recently)[/url].
26 -If you haven't used any [url=]overlay[/url]
27 -nor compiled KDE 4 from source manually - this is probably what you're looking for.
28 -KDE 4 portage guide can be found
29 -[url=]here[/url] - read it please
30 -to avoid problems in a future, it's is advised that you checked FAQ below as well.
31 -You've found a bug? Visit this [url=]page[/url] - it may have
32 -been reported already.
33 -Support thread for KDE 4 in Portage can be found here:
34 -[topic=707986][/topic]
35 -
36 -[*][b]Official Gentoo KDE team testing overlay
37 -[[url=]kde[/url]][/b]
38 -This is overlay used by [url=]Gentoo KDE
39 -team[/url], it's official but unsupported.
40 -It contains:[list]
41 -[*]KDE releases that will later appear in the Portage repository (-4.4.x)
42 -[*]live KDE ebuilds tracking main development tree (-9999)
43 -[*]periodically updated main development tree snapshots, beta or pre-release (-4.4.xx)
44 -[*]live KDE ebuilds tracking 4.4.x development branch (-4.4.9999)
45 -[*]live KDE ebuilds tracking 4.5.x development branch (-4.5.9999)
46 -[*]3rd party KDE packages that are not in Portage repository for various reasons[/list]
47 -If you have some suggestions or you would like to contribute, contact Gentoo KDE team on
48 -[url=irc://]#gentoo-kde.[/url]
49 -Please DON'T report any [url=]bugs[/url] regarding live packages
50 -in this overlay. For bugs related KDE release candidates you should add [kde-testing] to
51 -description, but it's [b]always[/b] better to ask on forum or IRC channel first.
52 -Support thread for official KDE4 testing overlay is here:
53 -[url][/url]
54 -
55 -Qt4 live ebuilds can be found in Qt-exclusive experimental overlay now.
56 -To make use of them, choose the
57 -[url=]qting-edge[/url] overlay in [i]layman[/i].
58 -
59 -[*][b]Official Gentoo user-maintained Qt3/KDE3 overlay
60 -[[url=]kde-sunset[/url]][/b]
61 -This overlay contains Qt3 and KDE3 packages removed from main repository. It is maintaned
62 -by community. If you're interested in contributing, please let us know.
63 -Gentoo KDE team can be found on [url=irc://]#gentoo-kde[/url].
64 -[/list]
65 -
66 -[size=18]KDE in Portage - FAQ[/size]
67 -
68 -[color=orange]Q:[/color] What's the deal with [b]kdeprefix[/b] USE flag and why is it
69 -masked?
70 -
71 -[b]A:[/b] [b]kdeprefix[/b] USE flag allows installing KDE4 in alternate location, thus
72 -making it possible to have multiple KDE4 releases side by side. Note that this is not
73 -needed to have KDE3 installed as well. Because having multiple KDE4 installations has
74 -known issues like bugs [bug=258027]258027[/bug] or [bug=267793]267793[/bug], it's not
75 -ready for public consumption hence it's been disabled by default.
76 -
77 -
78 -[color=orange]Q:[/color] I want to run amarok, but all I get is "symbol lookup error:
79 -/usr/kde/live/lib64/kde4/plugins/styles/ undefined symbol". What should I do?
80 -
81 -[b]A:[/b] It's a Qt bug that appears when using [b]kdeprefix[/b] USE flag. Qt plugin
82 -loader appends "qtplugins" path from currently running KDE4 session, causing
83 -from wrong KDE prefix to be dlopen'ed. Unfortunately it as well cashes plugin locations in
84 -[color=blue]~/.config/Trolltech.conf[/color], making it permanently broken unless the file
85 -is removed. It usually happens with amarok or any other KDE4 applications installed in no
86 -prefix ([color=blue]/usr[/color]), that are built against existing KDE4 in one prefix (for
87 -example [color=blue]/usr/kde/4.2[/color]), but run from the other (for example in Gnome,
88 -KDE3 or [color=blue]/usr/kde/live[/color]). For now there's no known solution.
89 -
90 -
91 -[color=orange]Q:[/color] Why there are no sets for KDE4?
92 -
93 -[b]A:[/b] KDE4 so far is NOT making use of sets but sets are expected to arrive in near
94 -future - the reason is - the naming convention for sets is not yet established. Although
95 -KDE4 Gentoo team prepared some sets for you
96 -[url=;a=tree;f=sets;h=
97 -829bc933b1e43e13133dcd6f9c2c2c5566569315;hb=master]here[/url] (click 'raw' to download
98 -file and place in [color=blue]/etc/portage/sets/[/color]). An archive with all sets can be
99 -downloaded from
100 -[url=;a=snapshot;h=
101 -829bc933b1e43e13133dcd6f9c2c2c5566569315;sf=tgz]here[/url]. Remember that you are using
102 -them at your own risk.
103 -
104 -
105 -[color=orange]Q:[/color] When I start KDE 3, Plasma is being executed and my KDE 3
106 -applications are either crashing or just not working. Konqueror refuses to start,
107 -complaining about default stylesheet version mismatch. What's going on?
108 -
109 -[b]A:[/b] This is the conflict related to mixed KDE3/KDE4 sessions. To fix this issue you
110 -need to [url=]upgrade[/url]
111 -your existing KDE 3.5.x installations to 3.5.10 or newer. Note that the 3.5.10 series has
112 -not been given stable keywords yet and that the monolithic packages have been
113 -discontinued.
114 -
115 -
116 -[color=orange]Q:[/color] I installed KDE4, I can start my desktop using startx but KDM is
117 -not working. Please help.
118 -
119 -[b]A:[/b] First, ensure that [color=blue]kdm[/color] executable is in your [i]PATH[/i]. To
120 -check that, run:
121 -[code]which kdm[/code]
122 -If it's not found, then probably your environment is not up to date. To update it, run:
123 -[code]env-update && source /etc/profile[/code]
124 -When [color=blue]kdm[/color] is found, set [i]DISPLAYMANAGER="kdm"[/i] variable in
125 -[color=blue]/etc/conf.d/xdm[/color]. From now on, KDM should be working.
126 -
127 -
128 -[color=orange]Q:[/color] I just found this neat KDE4 application, can you make an ebuild
129 -for it?
130 -
131 -[b]A:[/b] In short, no. To be more precise, it is possible but it would be better if you
132 -[url=]created ebuild[/url] for it and send it
133 -Gentoo KDE team for review - it's more likely it will be added to overlay. The best
134 -procedure would be to create [url=]bug[/url] with ebuild proposal
135 -(if it's not there already) and inform the developers on
136 -[url=irc://]#gentoo-kde[/url] about it:
137 -[quote]Hi, i found this nice app blablu v 14.2 i opened bug 234556 for it. Please could
138 -you consider adding it to kde-testing?[/quote]
139 -
140 -If you have any suggestions for improvements regarding this guide, feel free to post them
141 -[topic=708322]here[/topic]. Please refrain from general discussion and do not post
142 -ebuild/installation questions there.
143 -
144 -[i]Stuck by NeddySeagoon[/i]
145 -
146 -[i]Locked and split off the other posts as a feedback [topic=708322]topic[/topic]. --
147 -desultory[/i]
148 -[i]Made some minor grammatical corrections at the request of reavertm. -- desultory[/i]
149 -[i]Continued updates. -- desultory[/i]
150 -[i]Updated link -- Jorge (jmbsvicetto)[/i]
151 -[i]Update kde-guide link -- Jorge (jmbsvicetto)[/i]
152 -[i]Removed arrival progress estimation link. -- desultory[/i]
153 -[i]Applied changes asked
154 -[url=]here[/url] -- Jorge
155 -(jmbsvicetto)[/i]
156 -[i]Applied more [post=5245444]updates[/post]. -- desultory[/i]
157 -[i]Applied even more [post=5255329]updates[/post] -- Jorge (jmbsvicetto).[/i]
158 -[i]Applied [post=5262576]updates[/post], [post=5276245]updates[/post] and more updates.
159 -Updated links.
160 -[post=5368691]A[/post][post=5401451]p[/post][post=5423969]p[/post][post=5552930]l[/post][
161 -post=5669087]i[/post][post=5734682]e[/post][post=5786336]d[/post]
162 -[post=5811962]updates[/post]. -- desultory[/i]
163 -[i]Applied [post=5847443]update[/post]. --kallamej[/i]
164 -[i]Applied [post=5956057]updates[/post]. -- desultory[/i]
165 -[i]Updates, removed info about genkdesvn (offline) and replaced kde-crazy with kde-sunset.
166 --- reavertm[/i]