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<title>Summary of October 17th, 2008 Trustees Meeting</title>

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<mail link="quantumsummers@g.o">quantumsummers</mail></author>

<abstract>Summary of October 17th, 2008 Trustees Meeting</abstract>
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<chapter><title>Secretary's Summary
<title>In Brief
<p>This meeting of the board of trustees was held, quorate, Sunday, 17 October
2008 1900 UTC on channel #gentoo-trustees. 
<title>Trustees In Attendance</title>
<p>Insert Content Here!</p>
<title>Status of Action Items In Last Meeting
<p>Insert Content Here!
<li><b>Gentoo Foundation Banking - tsunam</b>
		Negotiations with Capital One are in progress. Final steps are being taken to
secure the account.  All necessary signatures have been collected.  Anticipated
data of completion is in two weeks, awaiting IRS updates. Grant Goodyear will
be approached regarding the paypal check.  Also anticipate receiving check from
Google for GSoC.
<li><b>US IP &amp; Trademark</b>
On hold for banking. Ms. Neundorf is legal counsel in this matter.
<li><b>Foundation Article for GMN</b>
On hold.
<li><b>International Licensing - fmccor</b>
	Karen Copernhavern &amp; Heather Balmat in Boston (of Choate, Hall, and
Stewart, LLP) will be representing the Gentoo Foundation internationally. 
Karen Copernhavern represented the Linux Foundation previously.  Trademarks are
generally valid by country or region, depending on treaties. Registration of IP
outside the US is first come first served, thus we can easily enough license
anyone anywhere to sell our stuff, but to protect our trademarks anywhere, we
must register them (independent of use). The Gentoo Foundation currently has IP
protection the US.  Gentoo e.V. has registered the "G" logo in Germany. Fmccor
will be in communication with Gentoo e.V. regarding IP and possible
collaboration over the next few weeks, with negotiating powers, any decisions
pending board approval. To protect our IP, we should register it if we can.
Karen suggests writing into the agreement that the requester at least share the
cost of registration since it is to their benefit.
<li><b>Certified Public Accountant - quantumsummers</b>
	Set up conference call with ING, Grant Goodyear &amp; the board	quantumsummers
will continue to research this need and will report back at the next meeting.

<li><b> Licensing for and - quantumsummers</b>
	This issue is specifically tied to International Licensing, and will be on hold
until that is settled.
<li><b>Trustee and Officer Roles - fmccor</b>
	The Foundation Bylaws are clear and facilitate the separation of roles.

<li><b>Cafepress Trademark Infringement - quantumsummers</b>
	Friendly cease and desist letters are to be sent to the cafepress and the
offending companies after review by the board and officers.


<title>Open Bugs Assigned to Trustees</title>
<p>Insert Content Here!</p>
<li><b>Bug #177966 Clarify Foundation page on external entities</b>
	This bug has been closed.
<li><b>Bug #217511 The Gentoo Store is Out of Date - musikc</b>
	Store has been updated.
<li><b>Bug #236863 Bylaws Tracker Bug</b>
	Some very important changes regarding foundation membership are being
finalized.  First, as all Gentoo developers and staff are encouraged to join
the foundation, membership will now be available at join date, whereas
previously a one year wait periods was required. Secondly, all contributing
Gentoo users are encouraged to apply for foundation membership.  Approval will
be granted by the board of trustees on a per application basis, contingent on
the applicant providing verifiable proof of meaningful contribution to Gentoo.
<li><b>Bug #56711 Retire: Renat Lumpau (rl03)</b>
	Renat is currently out of the country, and given his important assistance to
the foundation the board is deferring action until his return.

<title>Treasurer Report for FY ending 30 June 2008</title>
<p> Report is in progress, paypal records have been received, and we are waiting
on the previous years banking records. Quarterly reports are currently in
progress. They will be posted to the foundation web space as they are

<title>Other Business and Open Floor</title>
	NeddySeagoon set the next meeting for Sunday 16th November 1900 UTC.