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From: "Łukasz Damentko" <rane@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
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Subject: [gentoo-council] Nominations open for the Gentoo Council 2008/2009
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2008 00:00:23
Hi guys,

Nominations for the Gentoo Council 2008/2009 are open now and will be
open for the next two weeks (until 23:59 UTC, 18/06/2008).

All nominations must be sent to the gentoo-dev mailing list. If you
were nominated and want to run, you have to accept your nomination on
the same mailing list.

Here are the rules:

    *  Council elections generally happen once a year
    * The council is composed of seven elected members
    * Nominations are allowed from June 5th 0000 UTC to June 18th 2359 UTC
    * Only Gentoo developers may be nominated
    * Anyone can nominate (nominating yourself is OK)
    * Nominees must accept their nomination before voting begins
    * Voting is opened from June 21st 0000 UTC to July 4th 2359 UTC
      (there are two days of break between nominations and voting so
infra have time to set up everything)
    * Only Gentoo developers may vote
    * Gentoo uses the Condorcet method of voting

The page listing all nominations is here:

If you don't know what the Gentoo Council is, you can read about it here:

If you want to ask a question or share your thoughts, contact any of
the election officials:

Łukasz Damentko (rane)
Alec Warner (antarus)
Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto (jmbsvicetto)
Shyam Mani (fox2mike) will be doing infra magic.

You can send us an e-mail or find us on Freenode (#gentoo-elections,
#gentoo-dev, so on).


Łukasz Damentko
éí¢‡(ºw"–X¬¶ÈžÚ(¢¸&j)bž	b