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From: Tobias Scherbaum <dertobi123@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-council] Agenda for September 14th meeting
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2009 12:14:26
Here's the agenda for our september 14th meeting (18 UTC), held on

1. Intro (10 minutes including late arrivals)

  1.1. Make sure that at least a couple people are logging the meeting.

  1.2. Roll call.

  1.3. Any volunteers to chair this meeting?

2. 10 Years Gentoo (5 Minutes)

  2.1. Update on LiveCD/DVD and other activities

3. EAPI/PMS (30 Minutes)

  3.1. A process to modify PMS standard that doesn't directly involve
  the EAPI process.
  As requested by "Joshua Jackson" <tsunam@××××××.org> / User relations:
     Required people: tsuname, ulm

"Per bug I'm requesting an
AOB for the decision that was made by the PMS team about a process or
system to modify the PMS standard that doesn't directly involve the EAPI
process currently.

I've set the hard date for them for the sept 10th meeting and this gives
them 3 weeks to work on this so it should be no issue for them to come
to this. I'm expecting them to be able to have a result by then."

  3.2 EAPI / PMS comittee. If we do need/want one, vote on a structure:
	Required people: ulm

    3.2.1  Either we form a new committee / working group for EAPI and  
    PMS questions (more or less Calchan's proposal). I'd guess there   
    should be one or two members from the council, plus someone from 
    the PMS project, and a representative for each package manager.

    3.2.2  In principle also the PMS project could play this role, but 
    with its current membership of only three devs it is too weak. So
    some relevant people (see above) would have to join. OTOH, there's
    already a bugzie alias (pms-bugs), a mailing list (gentoo-pms) and
    an IRC channel set up.

    3.2.3  Something (completely) different.

4. Establish a process to amend GLEP 39 (10 Minutes)

   "discuss and initiate an all-developer vote on a process to amend
    GLEP 39."

5. Next meeting (5 minutes)

  5.1. When? (October 12th is 4 weeks ahead)

  5.2. Who makes sure we have an agenda beforehand?

6. Wrap up, comments, open questions.

- Tobias

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