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From: Denis Dupeyron <calchan@g.o>
To: gentoo-council@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-council] Resolve unfinished GLEP 39 business
Date: Wed, 09 Sep 2009 20:37:18
1 I would like to add an item for the next council meeting. Since GLEP
2 39 was modified in the past, and since discussion material for
3 modifications will be coming sooner rather than later, we need to have
4 an official way to amend it.
6 During our first meeting we voted that the council was not competent
7 to decide on a way to amend GLEP 39. There was previously no formal
8 process to do this and now the situation is locked up at the council
9 level since we can't decide. Some council members have said or assumed
10 that the natural fallback to that was that any amendment would need to
11 be voted by the developer community. There are two big and distinct
12 problems with that.
14 As soon as the council declares itself incompetent to decide on a way
15 to amend GLEP 39, it can't anymore choose or assume a process. Because
16 this is exactly deciding of a way to go forward which we voted we
17 couldn't do. How logical is it to tell the community "We can't tell
18 you how but here is how we will do it!" ?
20 Also, an all-developer vote may not be the right solution. Some devs
21 do want to vote on GLEP 39 amendments. Some say they have voted for a
22 council and delegated their voice to them and want them to do the job.
23 Some don't really have an opinion. Many haven't even read GLEP 39 and
24 couldn't care less. From the results of my informal poll, I'm truly
25 amazed (and worried) by the number of devs who will not want to
26 participate to a vote on GLEP 39 amendments. Not counting those who
27 say they will but won't. I'm hoping I'm wrong but in case I'm not I'm
28 afraid votes on amendments will be like jumping off a cliff, i.e. an
29 exciting trip to nowhere.
31 Let's face it: the only way to know what developers want is to ask
32 them. Formally. And let's not pretend there are no changes coming for
33 GLEP 39. I have some in the pipeline and I know others have too. If we
34 don't have a framework for this we're preventing ourselves to do
35 adjustments on our structure and condemning it to only evolving in big
36 chaotic steps. It's like not being able to write a patch and having to
37 wait for release 2.0 which may never come. So, for the next meeting I
38 would like the council to discuss and initiate an all-developer vote
39 on a process to amend GLEP 39.
41 Denis.