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From: Lukasz Damentko <rane@g.o>
To: Denis Dupeyron <calchan@g.o>
Cc: gentoo-council@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-council] Meeting format
Date: Tue, 07 Jul 2009 17:30:35
In Reply to: [gentoo-council] Meeting format by Denis Dupeyron
2009/7/7 Denis Dupeyron <calchan@g.o>:
> Scheduling a live meeting is difficult due to the council members > being spread over different time zones.
Let's create a Council sub-forum on f.g.o: - "Council" forum, main place where people would discuss issues concerning Gentoo as a whole. - "Proposals" sub-forum where everyone could start a thread with an issue Council should in his opinion discuss. - "Council Chambers" subforum where council would discuss between themselves and start threads in which votes would be collected. Only Council Members would be able to post there. - #gentoo-council channel should stay where it is as a secondary way of communication between Council Members and wide community but should be replaced in decision-making by the forum. Advantages: - No need to be in one place at one time, you can comment when you have time. Just start a poll with a time-out (7 days, 3 days?) and wait for council members to vote. - Ability to moderate. Lock threads when they go too wild, delete unwanted posts, edit your previous posts, edit thread titles, sticky important things. All the things you can't do on IRC or on mailing lists. Just imagine the possibilities. - You could copy half a thread and move it to another place to discuss there separately. Something that would prevent derailing discussion which happens on regular basis on mailings lists. - You can "watch" threads you consider important and receive e-mails with information about new posts in them. - You can open a sub-forum for bigger issues (like EAPI stuff for example which is currently spread over many meeting summaries and posts on mailing lists) to keep them organised and in order. - No dependance on Freenode team (with all due respect and appreciation to their hard work they put into providing best IRC service there is to our project). Forum would be on a machine belonging to Gentoo, run by Gentoo Infra and moderated only be people named by Gentoo. - All other features that made civilised world to abandon mailing lists and switch to forums. And most importantly. - People put more thought into what they write to forums than they do when they use IRC. There would be less chit-chat and even if some appears it'll be easy enough to move it somewhere else. Disadvantages: - Would need edits in the GLEP, like for example rethinking whole "slacker" and "proxy" concepts. - Forum project would have to agree to hand a forum over to where Council would be sole moderators and rule makers. This issue is probably not a big problem but since no-one asked them yet, I wouldn't take it for granted. - Would need moderators. There's one secretary already and I think it could be a start for a future moderating team. - "Disappearing posts" aka censorship - when people post something and moderators just delete it without trace. Could be dodge by creating a dustbin/hydepark sub-forum where moderators would copy/move threads and posts instead of deleting them so they don't disappear even if they are considered garbage. - No archives. Well, forum is an archive itself so no need to archive it elsewhere. - "Forum is down, council can't proceed" - it applies to mailing lists and IRC as well and can be easily dodged by moving back to lists and IRC once it happens. I don't think our forum goes down more often than Freenode... - "My issue with forums is that I don't use them" - reason why my idea won't be implemented most probably, some people just won't use forums and that's it. Just think about how much easier it would be to organize your work on a forum compared to what happens now. Maybe it's worth trying? Opinions, counter-ideas and bashing most welcome. Regards, Lukasz Damentko


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