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From: Alistair Bush <ali_bush@g.o>
To: gentoo-council@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-council] CoC enforcement proposal
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2007 09:00:57
In Reply to: [gentoo-council] CoC enforcement proposal by Donnie Berkholz
> All this team's actions must be approved by the lead within a short time > period or must be reverted. It's expected that many actions will range > from 6-12 hours, so 12 hours seems like a reasonable time to require > lead approval. Whenever the lead is unavailable, approval falls to the > council. (Remember, two council members together can make decisions.)
My only problem with this is if we are going to impower a team to enforce a CoC we should be prepared to stick by them. Also what is a short period of time wrt 12 hours? So either I would would hope that the approval of council with either be removed, or never used. Some solutions to this might be that (just making them up) the CoC team members can use there own judgment for actions lasting less than 6 hours, and this cannot be appealed or overruled. Also an offender may appeal to the CoC Team Leader (or Council) any offense punished by an action lasting 6-12 hours. I would like that to be implemented with the following as well.
> The council > must approve all members of this team, and it must reassess them > annually to ensure they still interpret the CoC in the same way. > Furthermore, the team's lead will be appointed by the council to further > ensure a cohesive CoC interpretation.
I believe that the reassessment of the CoC team should occur more frequently to begin with (at least). i.e. every 6 month's. As time progresses we may find that the period can be extended. But im sure we are all aware of the importance of setting this up correctly to begin with. I would therefore like to propose that initially there is something along the lines of:- * 3 Monthly Meetings, between council and CoC Team Leader where cases are reviewed and advice/discussion can occur. This should be followed shortly with a CoC meeting. * 6 Monthly Meeting, where council evaluates performance and vision of each CoC member. With a format like this, I hope we can strike a balance between having an independent CoC team but still have it tightly controlled by the council. I would hate for example of have the CoC team overruled continually by council members for minor issues ( for example, where a < 6 hour cool down was overruled by Council). But I would also hate for the council to let the CoC team run a muck. If we are going to have a CoC team the council (as im sure you are well aware) should be prepared to stick by their decisions even when there is disagreement. This is especially important seeing that the Council has the final say on who is in the Team. Why pick them if you are going to be overruling them all the time. Anyway, I'm looking forward to some constructive feedback. Thank you Donnie for the work you have put in so far :) -- gentoo-council@g.o mailing list


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