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From: Jason Alonso <jbalonso@×××××.com>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-cygwin] Hello!
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 07:28:45
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-cygwin] Hello! by roger
> Who knows, maybe I'll pickup this project this Winter if I have time for > a day or two. Usually I tend to spend time programming C though. > > Looking at the Gentoo Cygwin wiki, does look like the majority of the > work is completed. :-)
*sigh* If only that were so... I'm the one who wrote the bulk of the wiki article. I cranked out a patch for Portage right before there was a major version change (I use "major version" in a spiritual sense), and there have been several major revisions since then. The trickiest part of the whole mess is that Cygwin remaps paths prefixed with // to UNC paths, resulting in long pauses followed by failures (while portage expects // to be the same as /). I tried to be "good" about it in my work and let portage use // when it *really* wants to (conceivably to install to paths over Samba), but in hindsight, that was probably far too optimistic a goal and pointless a purpose. There were also some hard-coded blocks against uname's output that had to be circumvented... I've hypothesized, to myself, that prefixed portage may work for Cygwin, but I haven't looked very carefully. The Cygwin community has been very closed to the idea of admitting Portage (I've tried), even in light of other package management systems (like RPM) that they support. As an alternative, they have a Portage-like build system (for building setup.ini packages) called cygport, whose community of packages I've seen mentioned elsewhere in this thread. The Cygwin chapter of my life has spanned from 1998 to the present, but it's drawing to a close. Before long, I expect to leave the Windows world entirely. Best of luck to you, though I'll keep an eye on this mailing list and offer what advice I can. Regards, Jason
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