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Subject: [gentoo-desktop-research] Gentoo Installer : first checkpoint
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 13:21:53
This is what I'd call a checkpoint, some kind of summary of what I've
understood of your ideas:

For now, we are focusing of what we want in the installer, and also the general
technical structure of it. The installer turns out to be usefull for beginners,
advanced users, as well as the one who want to do automated.scripted install.

The idea is to have a GUI + console + help in one single screen. console is
useable to interact with the installation. The GUI is there to have easy
access/representation of the install.

We could try to build a scenario of the installer steps, and try to design the
general installer screen.

But I have one major interrogation : in the discussion, it's not clear where
the installer stops, and where the config starts. We agree that the
configuration process has to use the config tools, to avoid redundance. Now,
should the install do minimal install (network + partitioning + installing base
system - no package choice), then reboot or chroot in the new environment, then
start various config tools, among them a portage frontend, user conf, sound,
printing, X, language/i18n, ... ? Or do you want these steps to be in the
installer GUI? (in the GUI/console concept, you could emerge stuff and
configure everything by hand in the console, no need to reboot/chroot)


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