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From: Luke-Jr <luke-jr@g.o>
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Cc: Karl Trygve Kalleberg <karltk@g.o>
Subject: Re: [gentoo-desktop-research] Future focus area for the project
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 23:55:08
In Reply to: [gentoo-desktop-research] Future focus area for the project by Karl Trygve Kalleberg
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On Sunday 30 November 2003 11:08 pm, Karl Trygve Kalleberg wrote:
> We discussed on the IRC channel today. One of the things that came up > was which major problem area we should try to tackle, that is, which > setting are we focusing on?
All! :)
> > ) Corporate desktop > ) Home user/End-user
These are pretty similar in the end, I think.
> > ) Embedded systems
The only way to currently do this is to make an image on a full system and move it to the embedded system. For a true Embedded Gentoo, we need a way to fetch ebuilds on demand and not have a local portage tree.
> > We realise that we don't have enough manpower to solve everything, so > we should probably start by picking a somewhat suitably sized problem and > attacking it.
Corporate/Home are similar enough to attack at the same time. Embedded isn't really for -desktop, but for -embedded. =p
> > Examples of "suitably sized problems" may be > ) Printing for home users
CUPS/KDE == easy printing already
> ) Deployment of Gentoo on 50+ identical desktops
InGen handles this easilly once complete.
> ) Proper plug'n'play support for USB devices
USB mouse works fine. USB networking does not, though.
> ) Nicer package upgrade and installation > - I want a directory of packages that the user can peruse before > installing.
A website with links to portage://packagename would work better, I think....
> In that directory, I want for each package: > - a screenshot
....especially if we include screenshots.
> - a long and thorough description, including license, deps > - a link to the package's home page > - a link to the package's currently open bugs, who's the > maintainer
This would *require* that it be on a webpage =p
> - suggested accompanying packages
Overall, I think the Portage tree should become a cache before much of this is implemented. Hopefully portage-ng will support that. - -- Luke-Jr Developer, Gentoo Linux -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.2.3 (GNU/Linux) iD8DBQE/yoH7Zl/BHdU+lYMRAp0KAJ96dVKjJiCQKpqfnTXdcosuvbP8BACeL6bS W2D0ZL6iByo/aieb0FhiRak= =wGjy -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- -- gentoo-desktop-research@g.o mailing list