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Subject: Re: [gentoo-desktop-research] definitions draft
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 2003 19:51:52
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ok, what about this :

* Exploration phase  -  GOAL : describe and decide
- throw a description here, verify validity
- preliminary discussion here and/or irc
- Optional : Prepare a prototype, testcase or a little code snippet    
to let everybody play.
- talk with the devs that are the most concern with the issue, get additional
infos, ask if there is a good reason not to handle it, inform them that plan to
address a GLEP
- APPROVAL 1 : does it worth it to handle it ? The result
should be written to the mailing list and on the xml project page if  
we decide to handle the case.

* Draft phase [strict deadline]  -  GOAL : have a GLEP draft
- add new tasks : at least some time to research further (with a
  milestone), and some time to find a solution (with milestone).
- one of the task should be GLEP writing. Possibly one people should
take care that the draft is conforming to GLEP standard
- assign people to the task, set up deadlines. People assigned should include
as most as possible external devs that are concerned by the issue, so that the
GLEP get discussed.
- all this should be well written in the xml project pages, and  
should end with a new and shiny GLEP draft
- APPROVAL 2 : do we all (at desktop-research + involved devs) agree on the

* GLEP submission
- we submit the GLEP to the responsible entity, so that they approve it, or not

xml project pages precisions : their main goal is to organize the
work, and archive what's been done. They should be the canva to the  
GLEP and development production.

GLEP precision : should contain contain the key parts of the
discussions of the discussion phase, problem identification (what is  
the problem), problem acceptation (is this really a problem),
problem exploration (what are the causes and possible solutions to  
the problem) , proposed solution and the merrits of this particular  
solution. The latter of course from later discussions.

We'll try to work together in a friendly manner, so no use to be
strict for every points. Nevertheless, rules are still usefull for  
extreme situations.


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