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From: Karl Trygve Kalleberg <karltk@g.o>
To: gentoo-desktop-research@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-desktop-research] Braindump of tasks to handle
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 23:31:08
) Proper firewire plug'n'play support
 - When a user pops in a drive in the firewire slot, it shows up in /mnt
) Proper USB support
 - Whenever a user pops in a USB device, it's made available, a notification
   occurs, and if no proper software is installed, a suggestion is made,
   if the system knows about any appropriate software
) Proper printing support
 - When a USB printer is plugged in, our a user scans for a parallell
   printer, it is automatically configured and made available for use
) Good control panel
 - Available in all supported desktop environments
 - Takes care of low-level stuff: 
   - configuring all Gentoo-specific apps (gentoolkit, portage, ...)
   - package administration
   - scan for new hardware, show hardware hierarchy, 
   - append diagnostic info to bugzilla bugreport
   - select kernel/modify boot menu
   - services/runlevel administration
   - through libconf: configure other stuff, like apache, ...
) Bugreport tool
 - report <package-name>, which automatically creates a proper bug 
   ticket, gathers system info, takes the user through suitable forms
   based on package category and the nature of the problem.
) WLAN profiles
 - When a user takes his laptop home and plugs it in the wall, it
   automatically configures for home profile. 
 - We also need a graphical widget for manual selection and profile
   creation. Think MacOSX.
) Graphics
 - Snazzy Gentoo themes for supported desktop enviroments. We have
   backgrounds and cursors and stuff, it's just a matter of making it into
   a package.

This is just what I dumped before I went to bed. You guys probably have
a lot more. We should follow the formal process that's been discussed
earlier for the items that we find to be of the highest priority.

Also, I think we should work together, and tackle one problem at a time.
If I start on problem firewire, and dams on problem control panel, we'll
be too resource-starved to get anywhere. 

Most of these problems are big enough to be a 2+-man job.

Question is of course, should be proceed bottom-up or top-down? If we
solve all these technical problems first, because we know they're there,
we may end up with a good corporate desktop solution or a good end-user
solution, but most likely neither.

Kind regards,

Karl T

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