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From: Rune Morling <gentoo@××.dk>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-desktop-research] Gentoo-desktop howto fix-up
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 12:06:14
Message-Id: 20031118120612.GA3724@coppola.spandland
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On 11/18/03 03:07:19, munky@××××××.com wrote:
> In that case, we should establish what programs we would like to > include > in this. First, perhaps it would be more intelligent to establish > categories:
[snip] Nice initiative. Might I suggest you maintain this list and add it to the desktop-research project pages? In general, there exist several 'best of breed' applications for different environments so how about adding what apps are native to which DE? I run gnome 2.4 exclusively (this mail is written using the gnome2 MUA balsa which works wonderfully), some run mixed environments, some run pure KDE and yet others run XFCE and some even run a 'non DE' with fluxbox et al. I think it would make the most sense if we target our efforts on the 'de facto' DE standards (drag n' drop, mime-database etc as embodied in KDE, gnome and XFCE). In other words if someone decides that fluxbox is really cool, rxvt+mutt is the only 'non-bloated' MUA solution, drag n' drop is a some fancy new-fangled concept of no real use, mime-type-handling is a shortlived fad, then, well, he/she isn't really in the target audience for the 'gentoo desktop experience'. Anyway, target audience is a central concept and I can't help but wonder where we are in this respect. Comments please! /ermo -- gentoo-desktop-research@g.o mailing list