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From: "Mike C. Fletcher" <mcfletch@××××××.com>
To: gentoo-desktop@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-desktop] Timeline for merging gatos into xorg?
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2004 17:24:40
I've just been reading a post to gentoo-desktop from July (X fall preview):

which suggests that the ATI gatos drivers are going to be merged into 
Gentoo "soon" (I assume as part of xorg, since that's the new standard, 
and it apparently has an xorg version), which I interpret given the 
title to mean "sometime before the fall".  Just wondering if anyone 
knows whether this is still a "soon" (i.e. hold your horses, we meant 
sometime *during* the fall, not 4 days in), if something's gone wrong 
with merging it, or if there's a more concrete timeline.

Not trying to be pushy, just trying to decide whether it would be 
worthwhile to go ahead and try to build gatos with xorg manually (which 
appears to be a bit messy), or whether I should just wait a few weeks 
for a new xorg.  My little sister can handle a few weeks without 
television now that she's back in school, but if it gets to be a month 
without MacGyver there'll be heck to pay :) .

Alternately, if anyone has a recipe for building ati-gatos on Gentoo 
(for amd64 w/ 6.7 kernel and xorg-6.8) that doesn't involve karking up 
xorg, would be happy to hear about that.

Thanks all,

>DRIVERS: >ATI and nVidia binary drivers are being maintained and stay current with >upstream. Matrox binary drivers are not doing so well but are updated >occasionally. Kyro binary drivers are largely ignored, and upstream does >not plan to update them for 2.6 kernels. ati-gatos has an X.Org- and >XFree86 4.4-compatible version in testing upstream, planned for >inclusion in Gentoo soon. >
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