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Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2011 07:44:34
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Now that you explained more fully the situation  and why and what led to your problems I understand some of your frustrations. Sometimes wanting to fix one thing leads to other complex issues. Maybe (being Gentoo-specific) would be first to build your toolchain (linux-headers, glibc, binutils,and gcc) to today's versions then a "emerge -e world" so all of your stuff will be new and compatable-(your original problem). All of this can be done in the background while you keep working.                                                This is only one option. Feel free to use it or not. Sometimes I cuss the Gentoo devs for things they do that screws up my installs too.         As to your kernel question as to "default" switches in Gentoo kernel I really don't think there are. Gen-kernel is one answer, but it never worked for me, I always had to get dirty with "make menuconfig".         Hope you figure it out.  Cheers
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On Tue, 2011-03-22 at 00:37 -0100, Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto wrote:
> As such, I would kindly like to ask everyone on this thread to "calm > down" and to please try to reply in a respectful manner to any poster on > this ml.
Thank you, Jorge. I will do so, going forward.
> I have to agree with other posters in this ml that your tone when you > started this thread asking for help wasn't the best one.
I was kinda freaked out. I depend on my desktop system for so many things in a day, and it's _way_ behind in updates, I know. I got pushed into a kernel update by a simple software mod, which required a perl update, which required that I run perl-cleaner, which has issues of its own, and somewhere along the way I ran into a dependency on a newer version of udev, which depended on a newer kernel, which I'd tried to install before with the same or similar problems. I couldn't make things work and had to resort to a rescue disk to back out. I felt cornered, and I guess my plea for help showed it. I actually have enough knowledge and experience with Linux that I can probably solve this problem myself if I approach it methodically with a clear head.
> Thank you for the apology you've sent to the list about your tone. Let's > try to move forward and see if / how we can help you.
I can eat crow with the best of 'em, Jorge.
> PS - Lindsay, two last notes about your issue and your time constraints. > This type of issue might be easier to diagnose on IRC (one good place is > #gentoo in the freenode network) where a short intense session may prove > to be quicker in the end. Also, I haven't seen anyone mention that the > latest udev versions react *very* badly to CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED_V2.
Ah! Thanks for the heads-up on this. This switch is _not_ on in my newer kernel, and doesn't exist in my older kernel. CONFIG_SYSFS, however, _is_ on as I assume it should be for /sys on which udev depends. I don't know why udev hasn't been completely integrated into kernel development. It's become so much a part of modern Linux and is so interdependent with the kernel. Yes, it's in user space, but so are other kernel hooks.
> So be sure to check if you disable that as iirc udev will refuse to > create the proper device nodes if that kernel option is active.
Question: There are switch and value dependencies in the kernel that are Gentoo specific, or specific to system configurations favored by Gentoo (similar to what you mentioned above). If I emerge a Gentoo kernel, are the default configuration options for that kernel set by Gentoo devs so as to build a kernel which will avoid these kinds of "gotchas"? In other words, if I build a gentoo kernel out of the box, as opposed to a vanilla kernel from, do I gain an advantage with regard to possibly problematic configuration options on a fairly standard Gentoo system? I hope this makes sense.
> PPS - If you decide to test our IRC support, feel free to poke me in any > channel or to /msg me in private.
Jorge, thank you SO MUCH, for this, (and for being an adult in the sandbox. I wasn't at the top of my game today :-) -- Lindsay Haisley | "Humor will get you through times of no humor FMP Computer Services | better than no humor will get you through 512-259-1190 | times of humor." | - Butch Hancock


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