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From: Mitko Moshev <mo6eeeb@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-desktop@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-desktop] Problems with ALSA (or only ScummVM?)
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 20:47:18
In Reply to: [gentoo-desktop] Problems with ALSA (or only ScummVM?) by "Sören Weber"
Sören Weber wrote:

>Hello list, > >right in this moment I feel that I'm composing a message to a wrong >list. I'm sorry but I did my best to find an apt list. I didn't want to >post in the ones relating to the several potential problem-factors because: >- (according to Murphy's laws) it would be the other thing which causes >the problem and >- I think the Gentoo-community is much better :-p > >Let's take a look on my problem. Today I found my old "The Dig"-Game and >wanted to play that thing tonight. So I got ScummVM and tried to start it. >But the sound in this and other games stutters. It's like "of course, >dear" becomes "ofof coucourse dear". SCNR :) > >We can exclude the possibility of a bad cd or sth like this because I >tried other games (with other media-data), too. >Also I reinstalled ALSA now but without any effect. > >I've got a SiS 7018 (trident) chipset in my box and compiled the >ALSA-support modular into the kernel. Before that I had the same >problems with the compiled-in drivers. >I'm not pretty sure but I think that I've got the same thing while using >the modules outside the kernel. > >Can you give me any tips? I really don't know what to do anymore - I >want to fly to space with good sound ;-) > >By the way: My XMMS crashes with a segfault when a second application >tries to use ALSA. I'm not that experienced; is it "normal"? > > >A big thank you for your help, >Sören > > >
Hmm... 1) are you using esd or arts? this may lock the device on older versions of alsa, that do not support software mixing (as of 1.0.9) 2) try updating alsa to the latest version, it may help 3) try setting the SDL_AUDIODRIVER enviroment variable to alsa 4) update your sdl 5) and most importantly - can anything else use alsa? I mean alone, not if you can have two xmmses running, just if you can output sound through alsa? -- gentoo-desktop@g.o mailing list


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