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From: Andrew John Hughes <gnu_andrew@××××××××××.org>
To: gentoo-desktop@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-desktop] kde-sunset: Calling base_src_prepare from kde.eclass
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 11:59:27
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-desktop] kde-sunset: Calling base_src_prepare from kde.eclass by Chris Bandy
On 22 February 2010 03:23, Chris Bandy <cbandy@××××××.com> wrote:
> Martin von Gagern wrote: >> On 21.02.2010 15:53, Chris Bandy wrote: >> >>> As a more comprehensive test, I rebuilt everything I had in >>> kde-sunset[1].  Everything regarding PATCHES worked great! >>> >> >> Thanks a lot, I appreciate that testing! >> >> >>> However, I had to make three changes to individual ebuilds: >>> >>> 1. Had to remove x11-libs/qt/qt-3.3.8-libpng14.patch because it was not >>> in the Manifest >>> >> >> Committed by Ladislav in f7ba03a46f179acb658a9775a75972fa3d2b68c5 >> >> >>> 2. Had to modify app-text/poppler/poppler-0.12.3-r3.ebuild as described >>> here: >>> >> >> Committed by me in 5ba737169016a164646bbfe1da53cbf7f34d137f >> >> >>> 3. Had to revert kde-base/kdepim-kresources-3.5.10.ebuild back to EAPI=1 >>> >> >> Committed by Ladislav in 5be5829c56380ca6ff08775d814558d936f816cc >> >> >>> I've attached a log for the failed EAPI=2 build in #3. >>> >> >> I've had a look. Could reproduce the issue here, and could diff both >> runs. One of the first differences I noted was this: >> >> EAPI=1: checking if libkcal should be compiled... no >> EAPI=2: checking if libkcal should be compiled... yes >> >> This output is, of course, from configure. If you look at the ebuild, >> you notice that it disables libkcal via an environment variable: >> >> src_compile() { >>       export DO_NOT_COMPILE="knotes libkcal" >> >> This is only done in src_compile, i.e. after src_configure has already >> completed. Only in EAPI=1, where there is no src_configure phase, but >> instead a configure stage of the kde-meta_src_compile function, setting >> the variable in this fashion gives the desired result. >> >> I've written a EAPI=2 version of the ebuild that avoids these issues. It >> works for me, so I decided to commit it, just in case we'll want to use >> EAPI=2 in the future. >> >> Committed by me in 1a496ce8440c3b8781be988df65ecc77ea267e6b >> >> Greetings, >>  Martin von Gagern >> > > I re-emerged everything I had in kde-sunset[1] again.  No build errors; > everything works!  Thanks! > > [1] 1a496ce8440c3b8781be988df65ecc77ea267e6b > > -- Chris > >
I've managed to rebuild most of KDE 3.5 against the new jpeg-8 library using the overlay. Many thanks for maintaining it! I think the removal from the main tree is premature. Not only is KDE 4 still an unstable resource hog, but the KOffice developers explicitly state that 2.1: 'is not aimed at end users, and we do not recommend Linux distributions to package it as the default office suite yet.' Whoever removed it from the main tree has completely ignored this and decided to ship an incomplete office suite to users for the own convenience. -- Andrew :-) Free Java Software Engineer Red Hat, Inc. ( Support Free Java! Contribute to GNU Classpath and the OpenJDK PGP Key: 94EFD9D8 ( Fingerprint: F8EF F1EA 401E 2E60 15FA 7927 142C 2591 94EF D9D8


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