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From: "Mike C. Fletcher" <mcfletch@××××××.com>
To: gentoo-desktop@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-desktop] Question regarding disappearing keystrokes...
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2004 18:18:33
This is probably going to seem trivial, but it is driving me a little 
buggy.  I'm a programmer, so I spend almost my whole day editing code, 
including a large amount of cutting, copying and pasting.  So I do a lot 
of key-sequences where I'm holding down shift(+ctrl)+arrows to select, 
then depressing control to start a ctrl+c or a ctrl+x sequence.

What's driving me nuts is that while I'm editing, the various KDE-based 
editors (Eric, Kwrite, Kate) are all displaying behaviour where if I 
hold down shift and move the cursor to select, then depress ctrl before 
I release shift, my next keystroke (normally ctrl+c or ctrl+x) is 
ignored.  Given that probably 80% of the time I'm doing shift+ctrl+arrow 
to select "words", this makes for a very frustrating situation where I 
have to pause, explicitly release the control, release the shift, then 
re-depress the control key (and when I do it wrong I wind up having to 
go from where I was trying to paste back to where I copied).

Similarly, if I hold down shift before depressing control to start 
selecting, the first arrow-keypress is ignored for moving about in 
words, so I wind up having to constantly check to see if I've really 
selected the thing I'm trying to select (which slows me down).  To be 
clear shift, then control, then arrow ignores the first arrow-keypress, 
whereas control, then shift, then arrow pays attention to the first 

I'm seeing a similar effect in Mozilla Thunderbird and Mozilla Firefox 
(form text-entry), where if I use shift-ctrl-arrow to select words and 
let the ctrl key up last, the editor consumes two keystrokes before 
returning to normal editing.  I'm gathering that it's entering some sort 
of "chording" key-entry mode, where it's expecting me to enter an 
accented character sequence or the like, but I can't find anywhere to 
*disable* that.  That's supported by the fact that if the two characters 
are "co", a copyright symbol is inserted, and ss inserts a German ß 
character (note, that this chording entry also occurs in the KDE-based 
editors, but only for the case where I select with just shift+arrows, 
then depress control before releasing shift (first case outlined above)).

The effect from the KDE editors wrt shift then control then arrow 
ignoring the arrow-press while the keys are down does *not* occur in 
Mozilla (that is, the word is selected normally, but the next key-stroke 
after releasing everything is ignored, and will produce extended 
characters if for example co or ss are the next two characters).

Just pressing shift, then ctrl, releasing, then typing the two-character 
sequence produces the chording effect as well.

I've disabled KDE keyboard layouts and checked that there aren't any 
hotkeys with just ctrl in them.  Locale is set to US English.  The 
keyboard is a Microsoft Natural Pro (USB).  Running xorg-x11 (same 
effect on 6.7 and 6.8) and kde 3.2.2, 3.2.3 and 3.3.0 (all show the same 
effect) on AMD64.  I'm guessing this is:

    * a bug in the keyboard driver
          o that could explain the KDE problems, if the driver was
            mis-reporting the sequence of releasing shift and control
          o wouldn't explain the chording-key mode, or the ignoring the
            first arrow with both modifier keys down
    * possibly a problem with the xorg configuration, but I can't see
      what it would be,  I just tell it that it's a "microsoft" keyboard
      with "us" layout
    * possibly two entirely different "features"/bugs that just happen
      to be related to the same keys

I'd really appreciate any guidance people have about how to disable 
these effects, or how to go about tracking down where the setup for such 
"features" would be located so I can terminate them with extreme 
prejudice :) (I'm getting tired of screaming at the computer :) ).


  Mike C. Fletcher
  Designer, VR Plumber, Coder

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