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From: Corey Richardson <kb1pkl@×××.com>
To: gentoo-desktop@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-desktop] OpenGL Issue -- "failed to create drawable" (pyglet, python)
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2011 02:03:37
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(I was directed to this mailing list from someone in #gentoo. Redirect
me if this is the wrong place. Thank you!)

I'm trying to use pyglet, a python library for multimedia (commonly used
as a game library) using OpenGL. When running any sort of script
utilizing pyglet, the following happens:

"failed to create drawable" is printed to the shell twice
The window pyglet opens is completely black, and hangs. To close the
window I need to kill the python process.

I've chatted with the Pyglet devs and determined that the error is in
OpenGL and not pyglet. After googling around for this error, the only
other instance I saw was someone using nouveau that needed some sort of
driver upgrade.

The output of glxinfo is attached, as well as the output from "eix
media-libs/mesa", the implementation of OpenGL on my system.

I tried reemerging mesa with -gallium in the USE, which had the same
result as before except instead of a hang a Segmentation Fault was
generated. When I emerged mesa back with gallium, it emitted an
informational blurb that gallium only worked with i915 and another intel
card, among the intels (with some other vendor's cards, but they didn't
pertain to me). I am using an intel i915, and I believe my system is
properly configured for that card. I would love to see the output of
glxinfo from someone who has a working OpenGL for the i915.

A simple test case (if you would like to test on your own system) is:

python -c "import pyglet as p;w=p.window.Window();;"

This requires dev-python/pyglet to be emerged. It's a small library and
is pure-python, so it should only take ~30 seconds.

I am using AwesomeWM, if that is of consequence.

So, how can I further debug this error, and hopefully fix it? Request
more information if you need it. Thank you for your time

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Corey Richardson
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