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From: Chris Bandy <cbandy@××××××.com>
To: gentoo-desktop@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-desktop] kde-sunset: Calling base_src_prepare from kde.eclass
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2010 14:54:30
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-desktop] kde-sunset: Calling base_src_prepare from kde.eclass by Ladislav Laska
Ladislav Laska wrote:
> Hello, > > just what I had in mind. Works just fine with everything I tested - good job. > > Regards Ladislav Laska > S pozdravem Ladislav Laska > --- > xmpp/jabber: ladislav.laska@××××××.cz > > > > On Sat, Feb 20, 2010 at 11:02 AM, Martin von Gagern > <Martin.vGagern@×××.net> wrote: > >> Hi there! >> >> On 19.02.2010 22:23, Ladislav Laska wrote: >> >>> Hello again, >>> >>> I have decided to continue discussion in new thread. This discussion >>> was started in thread "kde-sunset: kdepim-kresources broken". >>> >>> I have replaced my code with what I originally intended (the code in >>> git is wrong, since I made a mistake editing it - here is what I >>> intended): >>> >>> # Check for PATCHES in EAPI=0|1 >>> case ${EAPI:-0} in >>> 0|1) >>> if [[ -n ${PATCHES} ]] && [[ -d "${KDE_S}" ]]; then >>> base_src_prepare >>> fi >>> ;; >>> esac >>> >>> Look, for example, at kde-base/ark ebuild. There is a patch, but it's >>> not applied correctly without my code. >>> >> media-gfx/gwenview-1.4.2-r3, on the other hand, would try applying >> patches twice /with/ your code. >> >> >>> What I'm worried about is the check [[ -d "${KDE_S}" ]] makes sure, >>> that this code is called if >>> >>> [[ -d "${KDE_S}" ]] || base_src_unpack unpack >>> >>> did not called base-src_unpack and therefore did not applied patches. >>> >>> There are two problems with EAPI=0|1 >>> >>> 1) It depends on file naming and will not work if base_src_unpack >>> unpacks into $KDE_S >>> >> You mean kde-meta_src_unpack does unpack into $KDE_S, right? >> >> I just had a look. For kde-base/ark, kde-meta_src_unpack does unpack >> part of the tarball, therefore kde_src_unpack won't call >> base_src_unpack, therefore base_src_prepare won't get called either. >> >> >>> 2) Even if base_src_unpack calls base_src_prepare, we're adding >>> patches automatically after this call, but they will not be applied. >>> >> You're right, there is code collecting additional patches from $PATCHDIR >> into the $PATCHES array. So we need to call base_src_prepare /after/ >> that, while the current base_src_unpack call comes before that, and >> unpacking has to come before that as $PATCHDIR is unpacked as well. >> >> As base_src_unpack calls base_src_prepare unconditionally for recent >> incarnations of base.eclass, I feel we cannot call base_src_unpack at >> all. Instead we should simply call "unpack ${A}" directly, and >> base_src_prepare later on. >> >> I feel that this code collecting and applying $PATCHES would be better >> suited to a kde_src_prepare than kde_src_unpack, but I'm not sure it's >> worth refactoring kde.eclass. >> >> >>> Since I can't think of correct check, please let me know if you have >>> an idea. Also, let me know if I'm wrong about something and it's not >>> needed at all. (but I doubt that, because ark, as mentioned above, is >>> counterexample) >>> >> No, you are correct in diagnosing the problem. I just had another stab >> at a solution. Have a look at 5979aefafa6e200a09d5dd7b3a6e99b3e0a9d74e >> and see if you find any package where that approach doesn't work. >> >> Greetings, >> Martin >>
I also tested the specific packages in question, and here's what I found: kde-base/ark-3.5.10 * inherit kde-meta * EAPI=1 works kde-base/kdepim-kresources-3.5.10 * inherit kde-meta eutils * requires EAPI=1 (more details below) kde-base/kicker-3.5.10-r2 * inherit kde-meta eutils * EAPI=1 works * EAPI=2 works media-gfx/gwenview-1.4.2-r3 * inherit kde * EAPI=1 works * EAPI=2 works As a more comprehensive test, I rebuilt everything I had in kde-sunset[1]. Everything regarding PATCHES worked great! However, I had to make three changes to individual ebuilds: 1. Had to remove x11-libs/qt/qt-3.3.8-libpng14.patch because it was not in the Manifest 2. Had to modify app-text/poppler/poppler-0.12.3-r3.ebuild as described here: 3. Had to revert kde-base/kdepim-kresources-3.5.10.ebuild back to EAPI=1 I've attached a log for the failed EAPI=2 build in #3. [1] eix --installed-from-overlay kde-sunset --pure-packages --format '<=emptyinstalled>' | xargs emerge -1 -- Chris


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