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From: Brent Busby <brent@×××××××××.org>
To: gentoo-desktop@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-desktop] Re: OpenGL Issue -- "failed to create drawable" (pyglet, python)
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2011 20:02:51
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-desktop] Re: OpenGL Issue -- "failed to create drawable" (pyglet, python) by Corey Richardson
On Mon, 25 Apr 2011, Corey Richardson wrote:

> On 04/24/2011 11:34 PM, Duncan wrote: >> [snip] >> One thing I don't see you mention, is switching between the classic and >> gallium OpenGL implementations. Again, I've not played with gallium much, >> and it may be that this doesn't apply to intel at all, but at least for >> radeons, eselect mesa is used to list and switch between the classic and >> gallium drivers. You mention trying with gallium, but not specifically >> switching to the classic drivers and trying that. Perhaps that's why you >> got the segfault with mesa emerged -gallium, as if you hadn't eselect mesa >> switched to the classic drivers, it could have tried to load libraries >> that didn't exist in that case, thus triggering a segfault. > > I think that was definitely a portion of the puzzle. I had never > selected gallium before, so it never wasn't using the classic driver. > Which makes the segfault even more mysterious. I selected gallium for > all the options and I now have a hang again (it went away when using > - -gallium, forgot to mention that). My updated glxinfo is attached. I > think it's odd that glxgears works but not pyglet. It may be like you > mentioned, not accepting the software fallback. Oh, and selecting > gallium didn't move OpenGL onto hardware, it's still running in software. > > Could it possibly be a kernel option somewhere? KMS is on and I compiled > in Intel DRM support. Just flailing around wildly for causes.
You might want to prepare for the possibility that your card just doesn't work with KMS, even different cards from the same brand. At home, I have a Radeon FireGL V3400 that just refuses to work with any kind of KMS, and I finally gave up. You can disable it either by building a kernel that defaults to not having it on, or by passing a kernel parameter from Grub ("nomodeset"). At work, I have a Radeon HD4350 which works great with KMS on console VTY's and in X11, and hardware 3D works fine also. Both machines are running Gentoo with the 1.9 Radeon drivers and the kernel. KMS is just going to have to be something that works when it works for now. -- + Brent A. Busby + + Sr. UNIX Systems Admin + Vote for Cthulhu. + University of Chicago + + James Franck Institute + Why settle for the lesser evil?