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From: Chris Gianelloni <wolf31o2@g.o>
To: gentoo-catalyst@l.g.o, gentoo-dev-announce@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev-announce] RFC: Feature wish list (catalyst/genkernel)
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 16:08:17
1 I'm sending this along to gentoo-dev-announce so that everybody can see
2 it.
4 I'm trying to get together a list of features for development for
5 catalyst and genkernel. I have a nice laundry list of things that I
6 plan on implementing/changing, but what about you? We're making both of
7 them more modular, so it will be easier for people to extend their
8 functionality. By doing this, catalyst/genkernel users don't have to
9 wait until the next release to get support for new devices/etc. I,
10 also, hope to try to move out some of the supporting files for specific
11 support (like lvm, dmraid, etc.) into their own modules. I'm hoping
12 that they get picked up by *at least* the Gentoo package maintainers.
13 As such, we're going to need a stable API for people to hook their
14 scripts into that won't break with every new version.
16 The idea is to make it much easier to test new features, since the code
17 will be isolated and modular. We recognize that getting new features
18 into genkernel (especially) and catalyst has been difficult, at times,
19 especially during Gentoo release cycles, when several releases could be
20 made a day for both genkernel and catalyst. This email is to try to
21 gather responses from the community on what they'd like to see added to
22 these products. So, without further ado, on to my questions for you!
24 - What do you use catalyst/genkernel for?
25 - How long have you been using these packages?
26 - Have you been impressed with the improvements being made?
27 - Have you been pleased with the direction these projects have taken?
28 - What can be done to improve them?
29 - What one feature would you die to see implemented?
31 Here is the current "TODO" for catalyst:
32 - Remove spec_prefix from all exported variables
33 - this allows for both global and scope-specific checks
34 - sign release materials (if configured)
35 - documentation: reference, howto, and guides
36 - create logs as necessary
37 - send emails if configured
38 - add multiple target support for a single spec
39 - separate out options that control catalyst versus the package manager
40 - add a new livecd/type for livedvd
41 - make livedvd type perform several actions automatically
42 - auto-fetch distfiles
43 - automatically pull stages
44 - check that distcc_hosts is set before enabling distcc
45 - allow setting of distcc_hosts in catalyst.conf - override with specs
46 - check/save host ccache settings and ensure we don't overwrite them
47 - perform user management via a loop in livecd-stage2
48 - merge livecd-stage1/livecd-stage2
49 - improve autoresume support
50 - improve kerncache support
51 - add portage jobs support
52 - --jobs
53 - --keep-going
54 - --load-average
55 - perform GCC version detection in seed stages to get supported settings
56 - build bootloaders on-demand, rather than using pre-built tarballs
57 - add pre-submitted patches for new features/bugs
59 ...and genkernel:
60 - Need configs for other currently-unsupported arches
61 - Make configs stackable (defaults -> arch -> conf -> cli)
62 - Move modules_load to /etc/genkernel (stackable)
63 - Move main config to /etc/genkernel
64 - Update documentation
65 - Refactor code to be more simple and modular
66 - Fix all TODO sections in the code
67 - Add all options to genkernel.conf
68 - Add "include" options to genkernel.conf to allow for genkernel.d
69 - Allow for arch-specific or module-specific files to override defaults
70 - Create hooks in the build/install phases for modules
71 - Add pre-submitted patches for new features/bugs
73 So tell me, what would you like to see added to genkernel/catalyst?
75 Thanks,
77 --
78 Chris Gianelloni


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