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From: Benda Xu <heroxbd@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev-announce@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev-announce] RAP with Gentoo Anywhere You Want
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2016 02:15:12
1 Hi Everyone,
3 I am pleased to announce RAP, a project to run Gentoo anywhere you want.
7 RAP (Rap Ain't Prefix) complements Prefix with libc. Project Prefix[1]
8 let you install Gentoo in a directory offset with normal user privilege
9 on a variety of systems. Thanks to a standalone libc, RAP expands the
10 horizon of Gentoo Prefix to Android[2], Debian multiarch and systems
11 with old/buggy libc.
13 We support any system with a Linux kernel. No GNU/Linux distribution is
14 known to fail RAP[3].
16 If
17 you are a normal computer cluster user and want to use cutting edge
18 tools, but your administrator is too conservative;
19 or if
20 you are a computer cluster administrator keeping the system absolutely
21 stable, but your users are constantly asking for new software;
22 or if
23 you are new to GNU/Linux and want to educate yourself with Gentoo, but
24 are not confident to re-partition and dual-boot;
25 of if
26 you are an experienced unix user and want to evaluate Gentoo;
27 or if
28 you are compiling a lot on your phone, tablet, router, television or
29 network attached storage and looking for an automated way;
30 or if
31 you want to explore x32-abi or musl-libc but your favorite
32 distribution does not support it[5];
33 try out Gentoo RAP! It will make your computing easier and more
34 enjoyable.
37 We are working on a more robust boostrap featuring cross-compilation,
38 and a complete merge with mainstream Gentoo. RAP can be ported to more
39 libc's and ABI's. You are welcomed to join our team if you have a
40 shared vision.
42 This project was initiated by Ruud (redlizard) Koolen and Benda
43 (heroxbd) Xu, and was mentored by Luca (lu_zero) Barbato in Google
44 Summer of Code 2013[4]. We would like to thank our fellow developers
45 for their support and early testers, including but not limited to xdej,
46 scateu, yangsheng6810, prefixer, yegle, nanikata, Steven Trogdon, Marko
47 Vendelin.
49 Cheers,
50 Benda
52 1.
53 2.
54 3.
55 4.
56 5. Feasible, but not implemented yet.