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From: Andrew Gaffney <agaffney@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev-announce] renaming of the 'gimli' SVN repo
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2007 05:26:43
This email probably isn't necessary, and most people won't care about this. 
However, sending it was one of robbat2's terms for renaming this SVN repo, so 
here it is :P

The current repo name 'gimli' was the original name of the project a long time 
ago. The name of the project is now Scire, and we've gotten tired of looking at 
the old repo name.

If you have this repo checked out, you can either check it out again, or use one 
of the following commands:

svn switch --relocate svn+ssh:// 
svn+ssh:// (for devs)


svn switch --relocate (for users of anonsvn)


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