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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Local/per-package use flags absent from UFED
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 20:43:28
1 Hello
3 Recently, I've found that certain packages are using use flags specific to that package only but absent from ufed. Take ntp for example:
5 $ emerge ntp -vp
6 Calculating dependencies ...done!
7 [ebuild N ] net-misc/ntp-4.1.1b-r6 -parse-clocks
9 The '-parse-clocks' use flag was not present in ufed. I have several more examples that I cannot remember at this time.
11 This causes the following problems.
13 * The user is unable to find out the description of the use flag.
14 * The user may overlook flags not present in ufed resulting in incorrect configuration.
15 * If this problem is valid then it points towards a problem with ufed.
16 * Bearing the recent phenomenal explosion in use flags having these extra flags flying around only serves to inflame the problem or information overload.
18 - Are these per-package use flags which are distinctly different from local use flags?
19 - If so, is ufed in its current state unable to deal with such flags?
20 - Is ufed due to undergo any further development to take account of ncurses and per package use flags or is it going to remain static?
22 I would also like to raise certain fundamental issues about use flags in general but I'll leave that for another thread at another time.
24 Many thanks.
25 Dhruba Bandopadhyay.
27 --
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