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From: "Anthony G. Basile" <blueness@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Re: [gentoo-dev-announce] Submit project ideas NOW for Google Summer of Code 2012
Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2012 12:16:01
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] Re: [gentoo-dev-announce] Submit project ideas NOW for Google Summer of Code 2012 by Richard Yao
On 03/08/2012 02:28 AM, Richard Yao wrote:
> I am not a developer yet, but I would like to suggest some idea possibilities: > > Minix port of Gentoo > Illumos port of Gentoo > LLVM/Clang System Compiler Support > ICC System Compiler Support (probably easier than LLVM/Clang) > Port of Gentoo/FreeBSD to amd64 (or other architectures) > Gentoo/FreeBSD KVM port (we don't have to let upstream have all of the fun) > Gentoo Prefix --as-needed support on one or more architectures that > currently lack it > Gentoo Prefix Cygwin support > Gentoo Prefix Minix support
We (Patrick and I) tried to get someone interested in an OpenBSD (re)port of Gentoo, but students lots interest. Maksbotan got involved but we soon hit deep snags. There were not something we couldn't handle, but they were time consuming. For the hell of it, I started porting Gentoo to minix a few days ago when 3.2.0 came out. Same story, and as soon as the issues got deep, I asked myself, do I have time for this?! Then I asked, who would use this? I'm not sure about the OpenBSD port but with Minix there is some possibility because Minix is in need of userland. *Shrug* -- Anthony G. Basile, Ph.D. Gentoo Linux Developer [Hardened] E-Mail : blueness@g.o GnuPG FP : 8040 5A4D 8709 21B1 1A88 33CE 979C AF40 D045 5535 GnuPG ID : D0455535