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From: Mark Loeser <halcy0n@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] [RFC] C++ herd proposal
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 22:24:59
1 Since we currently have language herds for other languages such as Ada,
2 Perl, and Java, I don't think C++ should be any different. There are
3 currently many packages in the tree that are C++ libraries or utilities
4 that are no-herd and are actively maintained, and there are probably
5 some that have just been sitting around rotting. With the creation of a
6 C++ herd, there would be a team that could support these packages,
7 instead of a single maintainer, if the package has one. Below is a list
8 of all of the packages that I believe would qualify as falling under
9 this herd. If you see your name in the following list, I'd especially
10 like to hear from you. Names with a '?' next to them are packages that
11 had no metadata and I guessed from the changelog who the maintainer is.
12 I would also like to see many of them, if not all, moved to the dev-cpp
13 category:
15 dev-cpp/commoncpp2 (no-herd, arj)
16 dev-cpp/gccxml (no-herd, g2boojum)
17 dev-cpp/libibinio (no-herd, spock)
18 dev-cpp/poslib (no-herd, matsuu)
19 dev-cpp/rudiments (no-herd, matsuu)
20 dev-db/libodbc++ (no-herd, robbat2)
21 dev-libs/STLport (no-herd, vapier?)
22 dev-libs/asyncresolv (no-herd, jhhudso?)
23 dev-libs/blitz (no-herd, dragonheart)
24 dev-libs/boost (no-herd, morfic)
25 dev-libs/cgicc (no-herd, ka0ttic)
26 dev-libs/commonc++ (duplicate of dev-cpp/commoncpp2 as far as I
27 can tell, unmaintained?)
28 dev-libs/darts (no-herd, unmaintained?)
29 dev-libs/dvacm4 (no-herd, pvdabeel?)
30 dev-libs/dvcgi (no-herd, ka0ttic)
31 dev-libs/dvutil (no-herd, ka0ttic)
32 dev-libs/fampp2 (no-herd, vapier)
33 dev-libs/ferrisloki (no-herd, vapier)
34 dev-libs/ibpp (no-herd, sekretarz)
35 dev-libs/korelib (no-herd, george?)
36 dev-libs/libcoyotl (no-herd, aliz)
37 dev-libs/libevocosm (no-herd, aliz)
38 dev-libs/libferrisstreams (no-herd, vapier)
39 dev-libs/log4cpp (no-herd, george?)
40 dev-libs/log4cxx (no-herd, ka0ttic)
41 dev-libs/luabind (no-herd, rphillips)
42 dev-libs/ntl (no-herd, george?)
43 dev-libs/pcre++ (no-herd, eradicator)
44 dev-libs/ptypes (no-herd, dragonheart? george?)
45 dev-libs/quantlib (no-herd, vanquirius)
46 dev-libs/rlog (no-herd, vanquirius)
47 dev-libs/socketstream (no-herd, george? dragonheart?)
48 dev-libs/sucs (no-herd, ka0ttic)
49 dev-libs/swl (no-herd, trapni upstream dead? The site
50 appears to be dead)
51 dev-libs/wefts (no-herd, flameeyes)
52 dev-libs/xerces-c (no-herd, halcy0n)
53 dev-libs/xmlwrapp (no-herd, ka0ttic)
54 dev-libs/yaz++ (no-herd, robbat2)
55 dev-util/leaktracer (no-herd, svyatogor?)
56 net-libs/socket++ (no-herd, ka0ttic)
58 Possible candidates (most of these are for C and C++):
59 dev-libs/nana (no-herd, pyrania?)
60 dev-libs/xmlrpc-c (no-herd, jhhudso)
61 dev-libs/xxl (no-herd, ka0ttic)
62 dev-util/astyle (no-herd, karltk)
63 dev-util/bcpp (no-herd, chriswhite?)
64 dev-util/cccc (no-herd, dragonheart?)
65 dev-util/ccmalloc (no-herd, dholm)
66 dev-util/cdecl (no-herd, phosphan)
67 dev-util/cweb (no-herd, no one)
68 dev-util/flawfinder (no-herd, aliz?)
69 dev-util/rats (no-herd, robbat2)
71 Currently under another herd, but seems to make more sense here:
73 dev-cpp/libxmlpp (gnome-mm, ka0ttic)
74 dev-cpp/sptk (desktop-misc, iluxa?)
75 dev-libs/libsigc++ (gnome-mm, ka0ttic)
76 dev-libs/libsigcx (gnome-mm, ka0ttic)
77 dev-libs/mxmlplus (text-markup, usata)
78 dev-libs/xplc (net-dialup, mrness)
79 dev-util/cppunit (lang-misc, george?)
80 dev-util/qtunit (kde, centic?)
81 net-libs/wvstreams (net-dialup, mrness?)
84 I would like all of the current maintainers of these packages to keep
85 maintaining them, and they wouldn't be required to join the cpp team,
86 but there are a few people that seem to maintain quite a few C++
87 libraries that might be interested in joining.
89 If there is not a very good reason against the creation of this herd, I
90 would like to do so in the coming week. As for the name, cpp may be a
91 little misleading, any better suggestions? In the list above, I have
92 libraries for C++, as well as utilities.
94 Thanks,
96 Mark


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