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From: m h <sesquile@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-java@l.g.o, gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Sowing the seeds of a warconfig tool
Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2006 07:54:04
1 Hey folks-
3 (Shamelessly copied from my blog[1] )...
4 I'm working on an open source tool for managing war files called
5 warconfig (warconfig is/should be to wars as webappconfig is to php
6 apps). We have a need for this at work. I have a pretty detailed write
7 up here [2]. Warconfig is a tool for deploying, upgrading, and rolling
8 back war files on Tomcat (currently only version 5.5 on Gentoo has
9 been tested, though with a little love it should work on Windows and
10 anywhere else that tomcat does. Support for additional app servers
11 should be pretty easy to implement).
13 The coolest feature, (which is still in the process of being
14 implemented), will allow one to easily see what has changed between
15 war file versions (think CONFIG_PROTECT for files within wars). (Say
16 you have a configuration file containing data specific to your
17 deployment, such as jdbc connection parameters. This will allow you to
18 quickly validate if you've updated your files).
19 (end cut)
21 I realize that as of now there aren't many wars in the ebuild tree.
22 But I suspect that will change soon with the recent pushes by the java
23 herd.
25 I'd like to solicit any feedback from the webapp-confiig, *-config and
26 java people. (Or anyone who has j2ee deployment experience). If
27 people are interested in helping, let me know and I'll create a
28 project with source control and all that good stuff. If the
29 gentoo-java people are interested, I'd like to work with them to get
30 this to be a defacto tool for gentoo (if not that's ok too, I still
31 need this for work).
33 I'm going to be asking for feedback in some non-gentoo places as well,
34 so if you have comments could you be so kind as to post them to my
35 blog[1]?
37 thanks much for your time,
39 -matt
41 [1] -
42 [2] -
43 --
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