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From: Jim Nutt <jim@×××××.org>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Stability and package mask
Date: Sun, 09 Mar 2003 18:27:20
1 I noted in another message that the developers are looking for a way to
2 get rid of package.mask in the 2.1 version of portage. I have an idea
3 that might accomplish that, while still allowing the flexibility that
4 Gentoo is prized for.
6 Essentially, it would involve assigning each ebuild a numeric stability
7 value. 10 would be the most stable, say equivalent to Debian stable, 5
8 would be the equivalent of Debian testing and 0 (or lower) would be
9 like Debian unstable. Each user would have a stability threshold set in
10 their make.conf, packages with a lower stability number than the
11 threshold would not be installed. This would allow each user to set
12 their own comfort level.
14 Every ebuild would start out at at 0 (really bleeding edge stuff
15 might be negative!). Each week (or some other period of time) the
16 ebuild is released without a bug reported, it's stability rating is
17 increased by one point, until it reaches 10. If a bug is filed against a
18 package, it remains at the same stability level until all the bugs filed
19 against it are closed or it is manually bumped.
21 Does this make sense to anyone else?
23 --
24 jim nutt
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