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From: Johannes Findeisen <mailman@×××××.org>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] very mystic segmentation fault...
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2002 14:03:28
1 hi all,
3 first, i wish all gentoo developers a merry christmas. i don't need any gifts
4 this year because you have made it every day for me. i not only love gentoo
5 but the developers too... go on like this in the future!
7 now to my problem. i have since some weeks a problem on my production server.
8 everything worked great until some day i didn't remember. here is my harddisc
9 setup:
11 /dev/hda1 = /boot (for all distros installed)
12 /dev/hda2 = swap
13 /dev/hda3 = / (for my gcc 2.95.3 gentoo system)
14 /dev/hda5 = / (for my gcc 3.2 gentoo system)
15 /dev/hda6 = / (for any other gentoo system)
17 when i'm running the command
19 emerge rsync
21 the system segfaults at some point of syncinc the portage tree and when i'm
22 trying to compile something it's the same. but when i'm starting my gcc
23 2.95.3 system i have no problems at all. some weeks ago i thought it was a
24 memory problem because it only happens when i compiled glibc or some other
25 libs. i've started memtest but the memory is ok. then i tried to install a
26 new gentoo system on /dev/hda6 but when the bootstrap process began to
27 compile glibc the system segfaults again. i tried many other things but
28 without any luck.
30 yesterday i had another weired problem on this machine. i needed to shutdown
31 the system and when it starts again, many commands was not found anymore, so
32 the system started without the most services. i didn't changed anything for
33 some weeks in my system konfiguration or have installed any software.
35 i was going crazy because i really need this server for many things, so i
36 tried to make a chroot from my gcc 2.95.3 system to my gcc 3.2 system and do
37 an "emerge rsync". everything worked fine in the chrooted envoirenment. i
38 tried to compile glibc gcc and some other things and everything compiles
39 without any errors. after doing this i started my gcc 3.2 - now 3.2.1 because
40 i have updated it during the last merges in the chrooted envoirenment - and
41 it have booted up like there never have been any problems with it.
43 now i again wanted to try what happens when i run "emerge rsync" in this
44 system again. it segfaults at some point!!! i have tried to recompile glibc
45 or some other things and the same. it segfaults!!!
47 short again: i can compile in my gcc 2.95.3 system and in the chrooted
48 gcc 3.2.1 but only when i'm chrooting from my gcc 2.95.3 system. i defenitly
49 could not compile when the gcc 3.2.* system is runing.
51 could it be a problem with my /boot menu, because the installations are all
52 sharing one? every sys has its own kernel in there.
54 could it be a cpu problem? i'm compilling with these use-flags:
56 USE="-kde -qt -arts -qtmt -X -gtk -gnome -alsa -bonobo -evo -gb -gtkhtml
57 -motif -tcltk -svga -avi -mpeg -quicktime -esd -mikmod -oss -nas -ggi -dvd
58 -xmms -oggvorbis -flash -encode -ipv6 -spell -truetype -mozilla"
60 my processor is a celeron (coppermine) 630 mhz and this is my host setting:
62 CHOST="i686-pc-linux-gnu"
64 i don't know what to do with this problem. is the anybody outhere who has an
65 idea???
67 kind regards
68 hanez... ;-)
70 --
71 gentoo-dev@g.o mailing list


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